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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

MZone Sneak Peek: ANGER MANAGEMENT ...starring Brian Kelly

The MZone has been talking about Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly's anger issues for a long time.  Last season, we were the ones who broke the story of Kelly chewing out Touchdown Jesus.

And things have only gotten worse.

In Notre Dame's opening home loss against USF last Saturday, Kelly was again at his curse-like-a-sailor best.   TV cameras caught him going ballistic on the sidelines several times.  The outbursts were so bad, some are now starting to ask if he's too angry to be Notre Dame's coach.

But while the National Catholic Register has a problem with Kelly's salty language, Hollywood does not.

In an MZone exclusive, we've obtained a teaser trailer of Kelly's starring turn in a remake of the Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson movie, ANGER MANAGEMENT.  Be warned that the clip contains language - just like the Notre Dame sidelines - which may be unsuitable for kids who didn't grow up grow up with a father who was a Marine drill instructor suffering from Tourette's Syndrome.


The MZone has learned that initial test screenings of the Anger Management remake are going so well, Kelly is busy at work on a sequel to the classic horror movie, SCANNERS.


ruascleverasme said...
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ruascleverasme said...
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ruascleverasme said...

I always thought that that it was the coaches responsibility to teach, lead and inspire their players, not have a complete meltdown on the sidelines. It was both tragic as well as comical to watch.

Yost said...

Yeah, he always seems a tad out of control on the sidelines which, IMO, is gonna rub off on the team.

phil said...

Sure....it's true that Brian Kelly has some personality problems and a lot of you people think he's a total loser. Well before you pass judgement, let me tell you the story of another loser:

Mikoyan said...

He was just congratulating that player on an excellent play on defense...that's all....