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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MZone Picture Album

While I may be able to do some basic (very basic) editing, I don't know squat about Photoshop (just ask Benny or Andy).  Thankfully for you, me and the MZone, Rigby has stepped into the starting line-up and kept all your MZone favorites and more alive. 

In fact, Rigby and I have been enjoying our creative collaboration so much (and churning out more stuff than anticipated), today marks the first of what we think will be a new regular feature here: The MZone Picture Album.  It will be a mix of 'Shops, reader submitted pix, news photos and general photographic what-not.

MICHIGAN, INC.  Now Powered by Denard!

Recently, Wolverine fans were up in arms (including yours truly) when AD Dave Brandon mentioned that he was exploring the option of a mascot for the Michigan sidelines.  According to Brandon, mascots are a way to hook the "youth demographic" on Michigan football at a young age (you know, because thrilling 35-31 victories over a hated rival with :02 seconds left on the clock have all the kids reaching for the damn Xbox).

But I think we here at the MZone may have solved both big Dave's desire for youth appeal and, by extension, the desire of 98% of Michigan fans who don't want a fucking asshat in a suit pretending to "fight" with Sparty in the endzone during TV timeouts.

Thus, MZone Children's Division has come up with a unique way to combine the best in youth entertainment with Michigan football.  Or as we call it "Branding for Brandon."  So next summer, be sure to take your kids to our first feature, Michigan, Inc.  Here's a little taste...

And yes, it also makes a great wallpaper to put on that iPad you bought for junior so don't have to have any human contact with him on those 4 minute car rides to the grocery store.


As we mentioned the other day, we thought part of the reason for the Michigan Miracle against Notre Dame was the long-haired messiah spotted on the field after the game.

But Greg at MVictors set us straight explaining that the pic was of former Michigan center Steve Everitt.

Or was it?

Maybe he was more messianic than we first thought.  Maybe he was actually The Dude.

Where's the fucking defense, Lebowski?


Got a couple good reader pix of the scoreboard. First, Russ sent us this dandy when the final whistle sounded:

And then Pam sent us this one right after the miracle TD with :02 seconds left:

Both great shots, but I think the second one is going to be on the official MZone holiday card that I'll make sure to send out to all my Notre Dame friends with the following caption:

Just wanted to take a couple seconds to wish you Happy Holidays!


SierraSpartan said...

Just wanted to take a couple seconds to wish you Happy Holidays!

That shit's just cold, man.

GoBlueBob said...

Sierra.... this is same thing that happened with the infamous "clockgate" 1 mystery second bullshit a few years ago at East Lansing. I must have gotten 15 to 20 Christmas cards with a picture of the scoreboard with 1 second left just before the cheaters scored to beat Michigan.

Mikoyan said...

But Notre Dame fans can't bitch about this one. The play started with plenty of time on the clock, so it doesn't matter if it would have said, ":00". Now the mysterious second on the Spartan clock was shenanigans.

Bigasshammm said...

Scoreboard looks cool at night.

Just saw M will be playing Akron 9-14-13 Guess that will be the game I'll be attending that year.

hs8bern said...

This your Buckeye bud again with my veiw.1)Denard is what I would wish every college football player was like. He has mad skills,but more important he has the heart of a lion! There is no quit in that young man.(wish you guys had landed pryor!)And I know a couple of friends that have met him and they say he is the real deal and very respectful and proud of U of M. Its is nice to see a kid who is a decent human and knows what it is to be a team mate.
2)Your defense is bad as my buckeyes! I can't even think of when we meet what Denard will do to us.
3)Still think Hoke sounds like the Chris Farly "I live in a van down by the river" dude! But he might be the one to return you guys to prominance(my spelling and or sentence structure not the best,ohio schools)
4)My beloved Buckeyes are like the hindenburg getting ready to moor at the tower.
Well good luck next week,oh wait its Eastern your playing.