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Thursday, September 15, 2011

U-M/ND game was "Under the Lights," Miami/OSU is "Under Investigation"

(from MZone wire reports)  Coral Gables, FL -- After the success of the Michigan-Notre Dame game being marketed as "Under the Lights" to mark the first night game in Big House history, school officials at Miami and Ohio State have decided to rename their upcoming game "Under Investigation" in a nod to both schools' ongoing problems with the NCAA.

"It's branding at its best," said Ohio State athletic director and Jim Tressel apologist, Gene Smith.  "The Michigan and Notre Dame contest had a logo and commemorative shirts.  We wanted to do the same thing for our game.  I just hope each team has enough eligible players to actually play the damn thing."

Miami AD Shawn Eichorst couldn't be reached for comment as head was apparently still buried in the sand somewhere near South Beach.

In an online exclusive, MZone investigative reporter Rigby has secretly obtained the new logos to be used for this once in a life-time showdown (because Miami just may get the death penalty): 


GoBlue33437 said...

The good thing about this game for both team is they probably won't have to vacate this win because it will probably become a double forefit. Go Canes


phil said...

Another FIRST for this college matchup:
They will have the normal number of referees but will add two FBI agents to cover other incidentals.

Bigasshammm said...

Shouldn't they be in throwback prison unis?

Yost said...

LOL. I smell tweet potential with some of these comments.

Shaner5000 said...

See it so you can say you saw it before the record books say you didnt see what you thought you saw.

Mikoyan said...

it's rather appropriate that Miami already has orange in their color scheme because prison outfits wouldn't be that much of a stretch.

Dennis said...

I think the O in investigation should be a magnifying glass.

I think Shaner5000 is closest to the truth, especially if our clown car of misdeeds is still not empty.

Yost said...

Keep 'me coming, gentlemen: they're all turning into MZone tweets.

Good stuff!

GoBlueBob said...

Phil... they already have boosters to cover the other incidentals.

Hammm... would the playbook include "prison break right"?

hs8bern said...

Hey now as a sane Buckeye fan,I find this total funny.It is a shame but the truth always hurts.I just wish the ncaa would rule already,but it will be a drawn out by TOSU and I really would hate to be in c-buss that day. Cause I think the in-breds will riot!Go Buckeyes!!!! And if anything its the Sanction Bowl brought to you by the NCAA and the idiots who caused this mess,Terrell and Tresel

Yost said...


Same way I felt about Fab5: we got what we deserved. That's why I don't understand those who continue to see Tressel as a victim.

Bigasshammm said...

Yost it's kind of disturbing that we're keeping you coming.

Bob the CBs will be playing to cover Alcatraz and Rikers islands respectively.

Yost said...

LOL, BAH! Almost got a legit spit take when I read that and saw the typo.

hs8bern said...

Yost, it because alot of the family trees around that area are strait up and down with no branches,sort of like down river or hazeltuckey,warrentuckey. Thats why the fan base is so fanatic and down right an embarassment! I don't even go down there anymore cause of it and my michgain plates. They can't understand being from ohio and living in another state.

bigGexpress said...

This post is solid gold. Pants that is.

Mikoyan said...

How about "Under the Searchlights"?

Ramona said...

Bigasshamm! All of you!! LMAO you are too much!!!