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Sunday, September 11, 2011

My bad: I thought that was Comeback Jesus

Last night as Erin Andrews interviewed a very calm Brady Hoke post-game - like driving 80 yards in the game's final 30 seconds... against one of your biggest rivals... in the first-ever night game in Big House history... and coming back from 17 down in the 4th quarter... all were no big deal - my friends and I (between high-fives, hugging and near man-weeping) each said the same thing:

Who the hell is the long-haired bearded guy standing behind Brady?

He was the first guy to reach the U-M defenders who chased the fumbled kick-off through endzone on the game's last play (at the end of this video):

And now here he was on the field standing over the shoulder of Hoke.   Dare I say, looking down upon him like something - or someone - from above.

Who is this guy?!

And then it hit me: My God, after a third consecutive stunning victory over Notre Dame, this must be Comeback Jesus! It was the only logical explanation! How else do you explain a victory by our beloved Wolverines who had but three - yes, 3! - first downs in the first half and were down 17 going into the 4th quarter?  Who scored twice in the game's final 1:12 to pull out shocking victory!

Finally, the magic had shifted from the Golden Dome and Touchdown Jesus of Notre Dame to the miracles of Michigan. All personified in the deity standing on the field now in human form: Comeback Jesus!  Appearing out of nowhere to save Michigan from disaster!


But, alas, Greg at MVictors discovered a much more earthly answer for this mysterious man: it was former Michigan center Steve Everitt sporting his lucky shirt.

Hmmm.  Well, if you say so, Greg.  I mean, I guess it could be Steve.  Although after last night.  I think my initial instinct is much more plausible.

Oh, and Steve, if you need somebody to wash that lucky shirt for you, I think you can find about 115,000 folks who will do it for free so that you wear it to every Michigan game this year (plus everybody at the game needs to do a load anyway today since they soiled what they were wearing last night after that finish).

Are you sure this isn't Comeback Jesus?

(pics via MVictors and MGoBlog, respectively)


Ramona said...

I am with you!! I also wondered who this mysterious apparation was...

phil said...

This makes perfect sense now because I have a picture of Tressel with Satan next to him:

beast in 'bama said...

As a blues guitarist friend of mine used to say, "That dude's missing in action from the Summer of Love."

KillaB43 said...

Ok so how many times have you watched the last 5 minutes of the game. I think I've had it on a loop since 8 this morning

Yost said...

LOL, Killa. Same here!

JamesD'Troy said...

Congrats Michigan!!!

That was a truly epic victory, surpassing in drama even SC's 2005 game vs. ND. There really is nothing finer in life than watching the little black hearts of Notre Dame, tOSU, and UCLA fans get ripped out in front of them. Kal too. Well done!!!

As for the blonde hairy guy, three answers came to mind;

1) The Dude abides and is a Michigan fan.
2) Technoviking is a Michigan fan.
3) The new Thor/13th Warrior movie is missing a cast member.

Also, what do y'all think Sparty's chances are of Cougin' it and giving ND their first win?

Mikoyan said...

Why is Tressel hanging out with George Will these days?

Yost said...


LOVE the The Dude ref. Well played, sir.

As for Sparty, tough to tell. I think ND has edge b/c they're at home and season is on the brink. But my goodness are they horrible at TO's.

Mikoyan said...

A preview of next week's opponent (in case you guys care):


wertent said...
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wertent said...
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bigGexpress said...

Behold it is Comeback Jesus, and he hath brought us Faith, Hoke and Love.