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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Michigan vs. Eastern Michigan Open Thread


Michigan - 31
EMU - 3

Leave us your thoughts throughout the day on the Michigan/Eastern Michigan game and all the college football happenings around the country.

As you do, enjoy a final look at Roy Roundtree putting a dagger through Notre Dame's heart.

(Picture credit: USA Today)


Mikoyan said...

Hah, I can't wait.....

Yost said...

Looking forward to seeing your pix, Mik.

GoBlueBob said...

Getting a late start today because I am not feeling well and am just leaving for the game now. I do not want to be over confident but I am thinking this game should not be too tough to win but you never know.

wingedhelmet said...

Hour long conversation with Comcast.

Purchase yet another "College Sports Package".

Install new digital box.

Chance of actually seeing the game here on the Chesapeake Bay? About the same as a Greg Robinson defense stopping 3rd and long.

In any event great week of work at the MZONE; thanks to all of you.


Andrew said...

Another great fall day...oh..and better yet a Michigan Game.
Pray for surf &

Ramona said...

Going to be there :) A rare Saturday off. Has anyone tried the Gigapixel Fancam thing yet?


Mikoyan said...

Heading to the game now

Yost said...

It's pretty amazing, Ramona.

Thanks, WH.

Have fun all going today!

Caring Hands Glass Art, Fine Jewelry and Gemstones said...

Are you ready for some football???


wingedhelmet said...

As predicted no BTN access here in MD, so I have Big Blue on the radio. I am happier listening to the defense than seeing it.

C'mon Blue!

wingedhelmet said...

Another week of good adjustments, and a successful FG attempt.


Mikoyan said...

I don't care, I was on the field. M-hat three got to go through the tunnel.

Andrew said...

Solid win

Ramona said...

I have to say, as much fun as it was, I really do miss the old stadium, the old scoreboard, the way you could take everything with you to the games including lunch and drinks. Today I spent the equivalent amount on I would on an average trip to the grocery store. Ouch. It's all about the money now! With the constant amplification/glitzy graphics from the new scoreboard I find that the paradoxical sense of peace and intensity from yesteryear on those Saturday afternoon is gone forever. It is loud and in your face but at the same time, more detached from the band itself. As I looked at the faces of my two kids having a blast, I realized how much it doesn't matter what we had then.... that is the meaning of the phrase "time marches on" and that this is the beginning of their new traditions. How many people in the stadium with kids and grandkids are feeling the same way?

bigGexpress said...

Granted we were playing EMU so I know I'm talking baby steps here on this first one:

1) 3 points allowed by the defense. When is the last time that happened? I drove up from southern Indiana last year to watch us give up 21 to Bowling Green's 3rd string QB.

Again we were playing EMU but:

2) Michigan wins, Lil Bro and that School in Ohio lost (were dominated). When is the last time that happened?

I would like to be the first to reverse the attitude of the last few years and give Lloyd Carr credit for the positive steps we are seeing. We have a long way to go, but I believe Michigan is about to come back strong. The best thing about this coaching staff is that they adjust. Imagine that.

Mikoyan said...

Oh yeah...pics from the pre-game

Mikoyan said...

Shots from the game:

Shots after the game:

And a panoramic shot:

TitleIX said...

Agree..happy that we have a coaching staff that can adjust. But...why on earth are we trying to run that pro style O with Denard? Once they decided to ditch the notion that he can be up under center, everything opened up.
And..someone help me understand WHAT in gosh sakes is up with the D line? NO contain and someone gets pancaked every play.

I love these kids, but it is going to be a loooong season.

hs8bern said...

My bucks where jailed sexed!!!! And that last td,LOLOL! This is what happens to my beloved program when a "rightous" man runs it and is willing to do whatever it takes to win.And my fellow dopey fans still want to bestowe saithood status on him! He was and is a scumbag who was not a victem,but an enabler(clarrett,pryor)who caused this mess and jumped ship like a rat!along with that turd pryor. Wish we had a qb like Denard,ie someone who is humble and a great kid and knows what its like to be a teammate!That loss is one of many to follow untill this mess is cleaned up.Sorry to say that but thats how I see it and fanatic buck fan,you need to learn how to be humble like me,cause it will suck the next few years. And a victory over EMU not that big of a deal.

Ramona said...

Nice photography Mikoyan... thanks for sharing!!

phil said...

How can tUOS fans be so down on Fickell. He's already won more games than Jim (0-13)Tressel did all last year.

surrounded in columbus said...

they're coming apart at the seams down here. talks shows, blogs, over heard conversations, are all focused on the "Fickell is INTERIM, who's really going to be the next coach?" and "bench Bauserman, start Miller".

one loss & it's the end of the world.

it's rather funny, in its own sad way.

Mikoyan said...

Ramona....Thanks...I had a blast taking them...

Yost said...

Phil, I smell tweet!

T9, I agree - we are going to have some rough, ROUGH patches due to D. And I think the reason for trying to get something out of the pro-style is so Denard doesn't get beat up like last season.

Hs8, gonna be very interesting to see how this season unfolds. I wonder at what pt Fickell becomes "Dead Coach Walking?" Obviously not after one loss - w/ so many players out - but folks in Cbus won't take that into consideration.

Yost said...

And Mikoyan, GREAT pix. Gonna try to get some up here. Love the stuff in and around A2.

Mikoyan said...

I have a feeling that Fickell is already a dead coach walking. He was probably put in because there is no way in hell that OSU can get a coach while all these clouds are hovering over the program. I suspect that once the NCAA acts, it might be better for OSU.