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Monday, September 19, 2011

Michigan football Saturdays beyond The Big House

Our friend Mikoyan was on the field shooting the Michigan-EMU game last Saturday.  But he also took some great shots before and after the game.

First, there was this student house party below.  Ah, to be a college student again.  See the sign?  "You honk, we drink." Wouldn't that be awesome if you could have a sign like that outside your house post-college?  You're out mowing your lawn, your neighbor Ted drives past in his Hyundai - HONK!  HONK! - you put the mower on idle and just chug.  Right there in your front yard.

Instead, Ted drives past, honks, you wave and then simply keep mowing your damn lawn.  Boo real life, Yeah college life.

Would you EVER wait in a line like this anywhere except A2 on a football Saturday in order to get a triple at Blimpie Burgers?  Answer: hell no.

I wonder if that woman still works there who used to yell at you if you didn't know your order as soon as she asked.  I always panicked when it came to my choice from the fryer.

Best of all?  It's still "cheaper than food."

And this picture sums up why I - and probably many of you - are Michigan fans: a boy and his father going to see Michigan play football on a Saturday afternoon in the fall.  It doesn't get any better (although those times we snuck some "beverage" into the student section during my college days come close).

Memo to Dave Brandon: This is a better sales tool than any mascot.

Be sure to check out Mikoyan's Big House panorama.


Mikoyan said...

It was funny, my dad grabbed a ticket for the game and went with me. I thought the picture of the father and son was kind of cute. We were walking next to them for a bit and the dad was pointing out the new Law School building and said, "Remember last year when they were building that?". Anyways, thanks for posting my pics here.....

Yost said...

Always love your stuff here, Mikoyan! Keep up the good work.

Mikoyan said...

You really need to bring back "Your Life - College Life". One minor quibble. I think the students in question were already drinking because it said, "You Honk...We Drank".

Sadly, probably the only other game I'm going to make it to is the Purdue game. Well Michigan game anyway.