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Monday, September 26, 2011

Greatest. MZone. Email. Ever.

Following Michigan's thrilling come-from-behind victory over Notre Dame, I put up this post about how the only thing that could have possibly made the victory any sweeter was if legendary Meeechigan announcer Bob Ufer had called it, especially U-M's final, miracle TD with :02 seconds left.  To illustrate what that might have been like, I made the following video:

The response to the video from the Maize and Blue faithful was very gratifying.  It's amazing what kind of impact "old man Ufer" still has on Michigan fans some 30 years after his passing.

Then I got the email below via the MZone YouTube account last week.  I think it's the best email ever received here at the MZone:

Good Evening,

Tom Ufer (son) and I are here tonight watching the YouTube video you uploaded of the greatest voice of MEEEECHIGAN football along with his sidekick, the "Bo 'George Patton'!!

We are in tears! GREAT edit!

As you may or may not know, Tom and his family run The Bob Ufer Foundation (www.ufer.org) and annually give scholarships to Ann Arbor area high school seniors for college tuition.

Tom would like to learn if you are interested in linking the clip and your site/blog to the foundation site and/or any other way to promote and support the cause honoring his dads legacy.



Folks, that email made my day.  I was truly touched and thrilled that the late and great Robert Frost Ufer's son had seen the video and liked it.  And we here at the MZone would like to help promote and support the cause honoring Bob Ufer's legacy. 

According the Ufer website linked in the email above, "The Bob Ufer Foundation was established by the Ufer family in 1997 with a mission to raise funds to support youth activities and scholarships in the Ann Arbor community. As a major sponsor of the annual Superball 3 on 3 basketball tournament, our Foundation has helped raise money to fund teacher grants in grades K-12 in the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

Other programs supported include the Ann Arbor YMCA building fund, C.O.P.E. Center for Occupational and Personalized Education, Common Bond, and student independent projects at the local high schools. Purchase of the Ufer CDs as well as tax deductible contributions to the Foundation, will perpetuate this commitment to the community. "

That's in addition to The Bob Ufer Memorial Scholarship Fund, which originated in 1983 and "is to be utilized to provide four scholarships to students in Ann Arbor who exemplify the pursuit of athletic and academic excellence, as well as the enthusiasm and love of life, which characterized Bob Ufer’s life.

Scholarships totaling $20,000 are awarded annually to seniors from Ann Arbor Huron and Ann Arbor Pioneer High Schools who will be attending the U of M. The Scholarship Fund now totals over $445,000. Over 110 scholarships totaling $515,000 have been awarded over the past 26 years."

So if you can donate, please do.  And if you call yourself a Meeechigan fan but don't already own the Ufer CDs, for cryin' out loud, do yourself a favor and get them.  You'll quickly understand why Bob Ufer was - and still is - so beloved.

Pam Ufer Wood and Tom Ufer present Lloyd Carr with a
$250,000 endowment check for athletic scholarshops
to the University of Michigan


Caring Hands Glass Art, Fine Jewelry and Gemstones said...

Well done Yost! A great cause for a great man!

Bigasshammm said...


Michigan Sports Girl said...

AMAZING, Yost! Ufer is one of the greatest Michigan Men in history! HAIL!

616goblue said...


God Bless your cotton pickin' maize and blue heart!

When you got that email I'm sure your heart was running like a bunny with its tail on fire!

Rigby said...

This is incredible news, Yost!

surrounded in columbus said...

well old friend, this is the M equivalent of becoming a "made" guy in the mafia. i'ts like getting the call from the Godfather himself. you are now untouchable, maize & blue goodfella.

BTW- as to the picture in Michigan Monday? keep in mind that a lot of alums/season ticket holders gave their tickets away for the EMU/SDSU games. those pictured were probably somebody's landscaping "guy" that they gave the tickets to for doing a good job w/ the mulch.

and for the record? my shoes cost more than the average tosu fan makes in a week- in case your buddy at the ozone is wondering...

Ramona said...

I concur with the comment, "Amazing." Bob Ufer really was one of a kind and touched so many souls, across all age groups and other demographics. Kind of like the Michigan experience: there is room for everyone here - yet we all have our own memories. When I was in high school, fall Saturdays were about raking the leaves in my folks' yard and listening to Bob Ufer on the transistor radio. His passion and enthusiam were so contagious I can truly say he has influenced my life. Being "True Blue" and loyal, transcends willing and losing. When Bob passed away all too soon, I was a student at Michigan and went to his memorial service along with my younger sister. We listened to Bo Schembechler describe why Bob Ufer loved football and how this love meshed with his personal values and ideals. I miss Bob to this day and I miss Bo but it's so gratifying to know that their legacy lives on and I hope, always will.

Mikoyan said...

Very cool story btw.

Ramona said...

Ouch, typo, obviously winning instead of willling.

And.. here is Bob.. I was at that game, in that end zone making a fool out of myself along with everyone else: