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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Greatest. Michigan. Comeback. Ever.

Watch it again. Like I have. For about the 167th time. Repeat as needed.

And I just had to re-post...

SUPERLACE: The Move ...Starring Denard Robinson

Much more to come, but right now I just want to bask. And bask. An bask. And bask.

Then bask some more.


wingedhelmet said...

Oh man! IT'S GREAT TO BE A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE. We had dinner guests last evening, Penn State grad, Naval Academy alum so not much love for ND, but I had to listen to a lot of "same old Michigan" commentary for 3 quarters; Without a doubt the best STF up two minute drill ever.

I love Hoke's sideline demeanor which is a nice change from the histrionics of the last head coach.

@yost - I am with you on the "basking", I suspect that I will bask all day.


Caring Hands Glass Art, Fine Jewelry and Gemstones said...

I kept saying during the game, just let Denard loose, now I keep thinking "who let the dog out?" Bout time They let him play his game! The greatest game ever! The coaches are just going to have to accept that Denard needs to be FREE and play his game, trying to corral him is just a recipe for disaster.......who who...who let the dog out? GO BLUE!!!!!!

It is great to be a Michigan Wolverine......I so wish I was at that game to hear them sing that song!

Bigasshammm said...

I think for any possible ND fans browsing the blog we should have some ND cheerleader healing pics. Those unis were mmm.

I still feel drunk from last night


SierraSpartan said...

Bask in your baskiness, MZoners. That was a terrific comeback, not to mention another reason for the Domers to hang their heads in shame.

Ramona said...

Depending on my mood, basking can mean dissolving in tears. But you'll just have to humor me.

beast in 'bama said...

So Yost and all you Michiganders:

Which would you rather have - that victory last night or the five years of lifespan that it removed? Oh, wait...

Rigby said...

FYI...BigTen Network is replaying the game right now. As of 9:02pm, the game is at the end of the third quarter, so it's just about to get to the good stuff.

Yost said...


hs8bern said...

This your Buckeye bud again with my veiw.1)Denard is what I would wish every college football player was like. He has mad skills,but more important he has the heart of a lion! There is no quit in that young man.(wish you guys had landed pryor!)And I know a couple of friends that have met him and they say he is the real deal and very respectful and proud of U of M. Its is nice to see a kid who is a decent human and knows what it is to be a team mate.
2)Your defense is bad as my buckeyes! I can't even think of when we meet what Denard will do to us.
3)Still think Hoke sounds like the Chris Farly "I live in a van down by the river" dude! But he might be the one to return you guys to prominance(my spelling and or sentence structure not the best,ohio schools)
4)My beloved Buckeyes are like the hindenburg getting ready to moor at the tower.
Well good luck next week,oh wait its Eastern your playing.