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Friday, September 02, 2011

Getting ready for Saturday: HOKE SMASH!

We posted this in January after Hoke was hired.  But me thinks it more than deserves a repost before Brady takes the field Saturday for the first time as Meeechigan's new head coach.

And unlike ND*, this is how you do an original, team-specific hype song.  I know some don't like it (or any of these, in general), but I think this one is pretty darn good.  And apparently the team loves it.  It ain't easy coming up with something good** when you're competing with the fight songs and other songs the marching band has been playing for decades at the schools with enough of a following and tradition that anybody even notices something like this, either good or bad.  This one works.

Damn, I can't wait for Saturday!


* That ND thing still makes me laugh.

** It could be worse than even ND as this OSU song demonstrates.  Holy crap, that sucks ass.  (HT: JBP)


Mikoyan said...

It will be Brandstetter for me on Saturday.

Royal Wulff said...

Wooooooooooot! Go Blue!

fred simmons said...

piss poor 'shop job. c'mon.

srudoff said...

you really slimmed Hoke down there!

Yost said...

See, Sru, you knew you couldn't stay away.

Mikoyan said...

Damn...the Coast Guard helicopter did its job.

srudoff said...

eh Twitter is just more fun Yost - had to make a cameo before the season though.

bigGexpress said...

There is nothing better than being a wolverine. (Empahsis on the PERIOD)