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Friday, September 23, 2011

From the Editor

Busy week at work but will do my best to keep feeding the blogging beast (with new posts below this one).  Hopefully some of the outstanding guest bloggers who've been helping of late will come up with some gems to fill in the gaps (hint, hint, hint).


The Management


Buckeye Wife Wolverine Mom said...

I'm enthralled by this blog. My daily check-in online invariably includes a stop - or 3 - here. Hats off to Yost (Love Vestocchio) and other highly creative and FANatic (Mikoyan and Michigan Sports Girl) Wolverine supporters. Your work makes me love Michigan more every day.

I'm a bit of a social outcast: I live in Penn State territory, married a Buckeye and I birthed a Wolverine. Can you even imagine? My world's a bit skewed.

We went to our first annual Michigan football game vs. Western Michigan. Both my husband and son questioned whether the bizarre weather pattern and subsequent calling of the game mid 3rdQ had anything to do with us being in the Big House. I wonder.

Go Blue.

Yost said...

BWWM, really appreciate you reading!

Mikoyan said...

Thank you for including me in your mention....

Don't forget to stop by my place on occasion...:P

Michigan Sports Girl said...

Thank you so much, BWWM! M Zone has always been my favorite Michigan blog, and I am thrilled to now be able to share my love and enthusiasm for the maize and blue with all of you! GO BLUE!