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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baylor to Texas A&M: I'm not going to be ignored, Aggies

We admit we've been tough on Texas A&M here at the MZone.  But in the latest controversy involving their attempt to leave the Texas Longhorn League Big 12 for the SEC, we're solidly in the Aggies' corner.

To recap, after initially being rejected by the SEC, Texas A&M was finally offered membership.  Looked like problem solved for the Aggies.

But it wasn't.

Baylor has threatened to sue to keep Texas A&M from leaving.  In fact, they were the only Big 12 school standing in the way of the Aggie departure.  To try to spin it, Baylor put out this statement about saving Texas football tradition (resisting... urge... to... make... joke... about... Baylor... football... and... tradition in same sentence).  So now they're just acting like a psycho ex-girlfriend who can't accept the fact that Texas A&M wants to break up with them.

How bad is it?

The MZone has obtained this secret recording of Texas A&M confronting Baylor. 


Ramona said...

Texas A&M for the win... and what do we think about Miami/OSU? I'm thinking OSU...but not sold.... if anyone disagrees, let me know so I can change my pigskin pick before it's too late.

SierraSpartan said...

Shouldn't that be the head of a collie in the pot?

Yost said...



Bigasshammm said...

I think Miami is going to throttle Ohio.

They have looked pretty poor their first two games and I'm not sold on Fickle. Miami gets Harris back which is a minor upgrade and is just a faster team overall.

Tom said...

Just to say it, Baylor is in the right here. Baylor, Iowas State, Kansas, and Kansas State's annual athletic income is going to be cut to less than half because of the actions of aTm and the SEC. Those school took on debt for facility improvements based off of expected income which they have a valid contract for. If this goes through they will have to cut programs and find funds else where. In business, if someone breaks a contract, you sue them, plain and simple.

Also, the SEC's admission was contingent on aTm clearing all legal hurdles, including getting signed documents from all the Big 12 schools waiving their right to sue the SEC. All of them said, they didn't intend to sue at this time, but refused to waive their legal rights. No one would ever just throw their rights down the sewer without getting something in return (which aTm and the SEC have not offered). Baylor maybe a back asswards bible thumping school, and I might not like him, but you don't really want to mess with a school whose president got Bill Clinton impeached. Yes, Ken Star is their president.

Last thing, ideas for future making fun of this subject:
1: A photoshop of Ken Star holding an aggy dress with a Baylor cum stain on it.
2: There has to be some humor in a fictitious a&m application to the SEC. I don't have the imagination to come up with it, but there have to be some good jokes in there.

Dennis said...

In regards to Ramona's question, I'm waiting to see how Boise State @ Toledo plays out. That will give me a better feeling for what we might be capable of in Miami.

We should have an improvement at RB and a Running Back that better compliments Miller, assuming he gets on the field. The paltry running game does have me very concerned, along with the poor FG kicking.

I'm not as worried about Harris, he can at times be a turnover machine. We will be missing Nate Williams, so I'm not sure we can force the errors we did last year. And I admit a couple of those were more flukes than bad QB play, but if we can force mistakes early, it might just get in his head.

I'll also be interested to see how the fan breakdown will be. Miami might be startled by noise at their own stadium. :)

I expect a close game and I have no idea who will win. If I had to choose, I would likely take Miami. I just don't have enough data to feel really sure. I kind of felt the same about UM and ND, where I thought ND would win, but Um winning wouldn't suprise me.

Tim said...

Tom, I have to disagree with you. The fact that those schools chose to take out debt is not A&M's problem for one simple reason...when the conference charter was agreed to by all 12 schools (Baylor included), it was written into the charter the procedure for a school to leave the Big XII. A&M has followed those procedures to the the letter of the charter. Baylor may not like it, they may think it sucks, but A&M has followed the contract that all the schools agreed to, so Baylor (and Iowa St for that matter) has absolutely zero legal ground to stand on. Sucks for them that they took out debt assuming a certain payout, but that's not A&M's problem.

TexasAggie01 said...

Tom: you got a copy of that contract? No? That's right, it doesn't exist. The Big XII-II-I, not Texas A&M, has a pending contract with FSN. This agreement is probably really similar to the agreement that the conference signed three weeks ago, saying that no one would sue A&M if they left. Neither "contract" is worth the sh*t paper they are written on.

Tom said...

aggy, you once again prove that your school has no law school. Go learn something about tortoise interference, and then come back and talk smack. At this point, even if aggy stays (because their only other options are to go independent or the WAC), but if Oklahoma and OSU leave due to the instability caused by all the BS, I wouldn't surprised to see Baylor, ISU, KU, and KSU still sue the SEC. Their's and aTm's actions are the cause of the immediate mess. The only reason your hick ass school isn't scared of legal action is due to state laws preventing y'all from getting sued without legislative approval (and don't be surprised if suites in northern federal court refuse to recognize your sovereign immunity.

@Tim, the aggys signed a commitment to keep the conference together till 2020. At that time the smaller schools offered up their portion of the exit fees from Nebraska and Colorado to aTm, OU, and UT, as a good faith thank you for keeping the conference together (so they can keep making more money than if the 3 of us left). Texas and Oklahoma declined the money and said split it up evenly, while the aggys said no way, and kept their large portion and the rest was evenly distributed. Now they are complaining about not getting their even share screaming the "the Longhorn Network this and the LHN that. In the end, they are pissed at their crappy AD for not accepting the UT offer to create a joint network.

If you think contractual agreements aren't worth the "worth the sh*t paper they are written on" then I guess I you are a "sh*t" aggy, and will refer you to the Aggie Honor Code: "An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do. With this as our standard, we pursue excellence in Texas and around the world."

Right now your school is stealing form Baylor, ISU, Kansas, Kansas State, ESPN, and Fox Sports at a minimum. If y'all really believe your honor code, you should fire your AD, President, and board of regents.

Ags2SEC said...

When I learn something about "tortoise interference", then I will realize I have entirely too much time on my hands........and then I will come back and talk smack about someone that supposedly has this huge wealth of legal knowledge, but apparently flunked junior high spelling.

But thanks for allowing your true colors to show, sip. Or sip wannabe, whichever it is. I'm bettingon the latter.....

Tom said...

Typical aggy "t-shirt fan" smack talk. Find me one word that is misspelled. "Aggy" is smack talk just like how y'all like to say "whorn" and you know it. Suck it.

darkwing said...

I think the tortoise interference is triggered only when/if the B1G makes super-sexy turtle eyes at the Maryland Terrapins.

TortioUs interference is another, although I don't think it will hold muster (an Aggie term!, but I think it involves death and stuff...perhaps the fondling and/or self flagellation of testicular matter).

The Ags are leaving. The Sooners (and their little friends OSU) are leaving. I'm truly sorry for Baylor, but it will be interesting to see where they land.