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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why you don't buy your Michigan gear at Old Navy

Look, I'm the first to admit I let a typo (or 10) slip by here on the MZone every now and then each day.  Putting up posts late at night, sometimes spellchecking takes a back seat to "Dammit, I need sleep!"  However, say you were a t-shirt copy guy and you had to spellcheck, oh, three words.  And, you know, it was your job.  You'd probably get it right, right?

Unless you're the t-shirt guy for Old  Navy...

For our Tosu* visitors who are looking at the picture and thinking, "Yeah?", there's supposed to be an apostrophe in "Let's."

And while we're at it, the two exclamation points are very 15-year-old-girl-status-update-on-Facebooky.

So don't take chances.  Get your gear at Moe's or the MDen.

1 comment:

Ramona said...

Dumbing down of American society and a pet peeve. The reverse is also widespread: using the apostrophe instead of the plural.
"Tomato's" on a store sign makes me want to find a manager and have him or her explain exactly what belongs to Mr. Tomato??