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Friday, August 26, 2011

Why politics and college football smack on a bumper sticker don't mix

I love when Tosu* fans make blogging easy (gee, how many times have I said that here at the MZone?).

Example #468:

Got an email from our pal, SiC, yesterday.  He was driving in C-bus and found himself behind the car in the pic below.  In case you can't make it out, the license plate is "USAOSU" and the bumper sticker reads, "Born in the USA  NO Taliban, Born in OHIO  No Michigan" - yes, with the "an" in both Michigan and Taliban underlined.  As SiC said, "not sure wtf that even means!"

Me neither.  But what do you expect from a guy who drives a MINI-VAN.

You know, each time I get an email from SiC, I end up shaking my head at what he must have to deal with living behind enemy lines like that.  How the dude survives there is beyond me.

No, I don't mean how does he, as a Michigan fan, put up with it.  I literally mean how does he not end up getting killed down there.


carl tabb said...

Obviously Michigan is full of terrorists because the Taliban and Michigan - wait for it - both end in "an". Conspiracy? You be the judge.

Bigasshammm said...

Finishing the sticker

I drive a Mini-van...

With appropriate parts underlined of course.

JS said...

The only way one survives here in Columbus is by assuming everyone you meet has some mental handicap. This allows you to keep your patience longer than you would with someone of average intelligence while also preventing the mob onslaught that would occur when the natives are riled up needlessly by unnecessary outbursts aimed at people who just don't seem to know any better.

Yost said...

LOL, BAH. Might have to update the post with that!

surrounded in columbus said...

JS makes a good point. you have to adopt a somewhat absurdist approach to life here. like you're in a Fellini movie.

ohio is filled w/ normal, intelligent people, who go through life pretty much like everyone else, until you mention tosu, and then they froth like Pavlov's dog. it's like a Microsoft program w/ the inevitable, unpatchable glitch- they run fine, suddenly lock up, and then after you reboot them, they run fine again for a awhile.

just a note- Brian reposted the pic & linked the site on MGoBlog- sorta like being an comedian & having Johnny Carson call you over after your monologue- you know you're really arrived (the over 40 crowd will get that analogy i hope!).

Mikoyan said...

Afghanistan and Iran also end in an. Is this a trend?

CM UM80 said...

I live behind enemy lines in SW OH. The city shall remain unnamed but has proudly claimed Marge Schott as one of it's civic leaders. I file this story under the heading of creepy. I was at a wedding last week and the bride's first dance with her dad was to Hang on Sloopie! Filed under extra-creepy was when many of the bovine matrons stood up in their formal regalia to add the O-H-I-O. At first I thought that I had just eaten something bad. Then I wished that I had eaten something bad.

Yost said...

We might have to start a regular, "Living Behind Enemy Lines" feature where our M fans living in OH send us pix and general whatnot. SiC has been carrying that banner for a long time. Maybe we can expand it to something more regular. God knows there's enough material!

Ramona said...

I'd be in jail.

James said...

Japan, too, ends in -an. Buckeye fans must shun that country as well.

Bigasshammm said...

I agree it blows living behind enemy lines.

But that doesn't stop us!

Tom C said...

Ohh boy! I'm an.... AmericAN.
Keep your guns clean, and practice on loose nuts!