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Friday, August 12, 2011

Why I love Oregon cheerleaders and The Return of Stretchy Buckeye

ED. NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond my control, our next post in the 25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays series will go up sometime over the weekend. Sorry for the scheduling delay.


After our 25 Things countdown post yesterday, I got the following email from Oregon fan, DJ:

As an Oregon fan following your excellent blog since 2007 (guess why), I had to direct you to this video with our former cheerleader (now TV host) getting a little dirty in Michigan...

I've been a fan of Oregon and their fans since my roadtrip to Eugene when Michigan played there in 2003.  Sure, I can do without the crazy uni combos (they have more wardrobe changes than a Lady Gaga concert) but I have perma-crush on their cheerleaders.  The video below that DJ sent only reinforces that.


So last night I'm searching YouTube for a good Michigan Football hype video (Memo to M Fan who shall remain nameless: Never EVER use a Journey song in a hype video. Those things are, by definition, mutually exclusive) and somehow the video below came up in the search results.

The clip is of some girl calling herself "Jessi Buckeye" and it's posted in support of new Tosu* football coach Luke "Happy Gilmore" Fickell.  Take a gander and we'll discuss more below.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.  There's a lot to poke fun at in this vid, the least of which is the blind support for sacrificial lamb Luke Fickell.  I mean, with the camera angle, if not for the door behind her, I would swear she was taping herself on the toilet (Sorry, Jessi).

But bad Buckeye production values are not the reason why I'm giving all-out thanks to the Blogging Gods today.

For some reason, Jessi-with-an-i's name rang a bell in a my blogging brain.  So I did a quick MZone search and hit the jackpot.  You see, we did a post on Jessi waaaay back during the Original MZone (respect) under the title"Stretchy Buckeye."

While you may not remember the post, longtime readers just might remember the pix of Jessi, who called herself "Jessi the Flexi" back then on MySpace (yes, MySpace).  First, here's Jessi (who was a brunette back in the MySpace Era) living up to her "Flexi" name:

And then there's the pic of Jessi singlehandedly spelling out "O-H-I-O":

Sure, the "H" is lowercase. But are you really gonna quibble about that? Me, neither.

Wanting to learn more about Jessi Flexi/Buckeye, I did a Google search and was taken to her Facebook page (sorry, MySpace) where she has a fan page under the name "Jessi Buckeye: Contortionist/Handbalancer."

And she also has a Twitter page with a less-flexible but no less appealing profile pic:

Look, we give our Buckeye brethren a lot of grief here at the MZone (as they deserve).  But we're not haters (not totally).  As we said in that original "Stretchy Buckeye" post, while it's against our religion to say "Go Bucks" here at the MZone, we have no problem giving a very sincere "Go Jessi" after seeing these "flexible" pictures.

But for cryin' out loud, get somebody else to shoot your videos.  

What?  Okay, fine.  I'll do it.


Dennis said...

Bif of you to take one for the team, Yost.

As for her video, I too thought Bathroom, just from the still, before I read your comment.

Her heart, among other things (rrrwwlll), is in the right place, but she needs to practice before recording. She should have taken the public speaking course my wife TA'd back in the day. Also a little research to verify facts would have been helpful.

GoBlueBob said...

Simple solution. Less talk and more flex.

GoBlueBob said...

Also, Happy Birthday Mikoyan.....

Bigasshammm said...

So that guy basically got away with rape in that mud bowl vid. Can't say I blame him. Oregon has by far the hottest cheerleaders.

Happy bday Mik

other items of note.
Still need many teams for the MZONE fantasy football league.

Also looks like it's official that Michigan will be shutting out Ohio at Progressive field Jan 15th for ice hockey. I expect to see 80% Michigan fans there. Already talked to Bob and tickets go on sale Nov 14th so I hope we can get a large group and get some discounted group tickets.

I "may" be heading to an October game but not sure yet. My buddy messaged me yesterday wanting to go to the AD garage sale Sunday but I already had family obligations. So we're thinking of coming to a game.

616goblue said...

flexible co-ed in cheerleading outfits...that brings to mind, what was her name? Yost, what ever happened to that ASU cheerleader gone bad??? Is she still, um, what do they call it in "show business," still practicing her craft?

With your journalistic skills I'm sure you can provide an update on her "show business" career path that must make her parents so proud.

phil said...

Jessi Buckeye - and I thought only guys lived in their mom's basement after graduation from tUOS.

Yost said...

616, according to Wikipedia, she retired from "the biz" in 2007.

GoBlueBob said...

616... She got into that profession at ASU by mistake when one of her professors schduled and oral exam and she misunderstood.

bigGexpress said...

BAH, I'll play in the league if you still need people.

Bigasshammm said...

BigG and anyone else who wants to join the Fantasy league the link is.


password is michigan

Live draft Saturday the 27th at 8pm I believe.
Still 15 spots available. Bob where's your team?

JessiTheBuckeye said...

Sorry, I sound silly. I had a seizure the day before so my tongue was swollen. And at least I'm not at my grandma's house! Ha! I should make videos from the toilet... I might get more views.

Thanks for the love!

Jessi Buckeye

JessiTheBuckeye said...

And as for "Living in my Mothers Basement" after graduation. I just got out of the Hospital. I was there for over 2 years for Anorexia. Don't believe me? Proof: http://imageshack.us/g/190/pphoto6m.jpg/