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Sunday, August 21, 2011

We're looking for a few good bloggers!

UPDATEThanks for all the emails regarding guest blogging here at the MZone!  Gonna leave this up top a couple days in case folks missed it and want to contact us.  Really love that folks want to join our merry band of bloggers.  Who knows, maybe we'll find a way to really expand the MZone.  You'll find our new material below this post

Have you always wanted to be a world-famous blogger?  Sharing your rapier wit with humanity while fending off all the babes who regularly throw themselves at dudes who blog?

"I love bloggers!"
Now is your chance.

Andy's been out of commission lately and, unfortunately, it's been a busier than normal time for me on the work front as well ("What?!  Yost has a real job?!).  As a result, providing you, the loyal MZone reader, with our usual daily dose of hilarious thought-provoking amazing free content has been a challenge.

Thus, if you'd like to procrastinate with the best of them and reach the Michigan Masses (and the occasional Buckeye reader as well), shoot us an email.  You too can join the exciting, sexy world of collegiate football blogging!  Posts can be the occasional guest column or something more regular. 

Don't delay!  Operators are standing by!

No experience necessary.  Ability to Photoshop a plus.  Void where prohibited.  Must be 18 years of age or older.  Offer not valid in Columbus and parts of the SEC.


TitleIX said...

The sideline chick will soon return from hiatus as well...

Mikoyan said...

I have a blog but I might be interested in doing some of my Tour of Ann Arbor picture series, if you guys are interested.

Yost said...

Title IX...Title IX... Gee, that name sounds familiar. I mean, I used to know a "Title IX". :)

Mik, would love the picture series of A2.

GoBlueBob said...

T9... Have not heard from you since I jinxed the softball team. Great to see a comment from you. I am still waiting for the return of Sports Science Fridays. Tomorrow maybe???

TitleIX said...

kisses to all
I have been awaiting the return of football!

SSF has been co-opted by ESPN imho...have you seen their Sports Science segments?? I cannot compete. ;-)

Are you guys ready for some football???

Tom C said...

In a pinch I can come up with something. A why I'm blue spot or something. Note that I am dumbern a rock though.

GoBlueBob said...

T9.... I saw the ESPN Sports Science site and still like yours better.

Yost said...

Tom C, We're dumberer too. Look at what passes for posts here. You'd fit in. If you're interested, send a sample post (something that's not real time sensitive so it can be put up when the need arises).

616goblue said...

T9, Yost or Andy,

Do any of you have a copy of the article I sent in a couple years ago about the legend of the 2 story beer bongs performed near the corner of State Street and Hoover? It was inspired by when the Sklar brothers guest hosted for Jim Rome...as you know the Sklar brothers are Michigan alumni.

The laptop I had saved it on crashed about a year ago so I don't have a copy of it.

TitleIX said...

616...i don't remember seeing that but I will check the archives

Bigasshammm said...


Ok anyway back to Michigan blogging. If we get the Fantasy league up n running again with a good amount of teams I could write up weekly recaps like I did for the Spawn.

Yost said...

616, I don't.

BAH, sure thing.

Mikoyan said...

How about the article on my bolg about the burial site of Yost, Bo and Ufer?

Bill Wilson said...

I would be willing to contribute something or other to you guys. You can see my blog at brewonsouthu.wordpress.com As you can see, I have opinions, so to speak. But you might want to use some of the OSU/Tressel/NCAA stuff, or maybe the book review of Mike Leach's new book (It's the post labelled, Fuggin Parents, Fuggin Craig James, etc.) Some of my stuff is a little long (I read everything, am retired), but could be edited. Whatever...... Keep up the good work Bill Wilson (email me at brewonsouthu.wordpress.com)

Yost said...


Just looked and didn't see the post you were talking about, but that's a great idea. Really good.


Will check it out. Thanks.

Yost said...

Hey, Mik, if you're in the area, can you get any shots of the new scoreboards?

MMQ said...


I have been reading you since the beginning or close to it. I was in mourning when you went on hiatus. All I can say is I was elated when you returned and link to you every day!

To be considered even close to your league when it comes to wit and humor is high praise, indeed. And to think that you will give individuals the honor to submit on The M Zone makes me giddy with excitement and leads me to believe that I'm not worthy. However, I will submit some links to my blog for your consideration.




Steve said...

I would be willing to contribute time to time. You can see my blog at http://michigan-meets-sc.com/ I write about almost everything including, Michigan Football time to time. Scroll through the postings and you can see for yourself. You can E-mail me at szanreno@aol.com. Regardles check out my site. Thanks.

Mikoyan said...


Yost said...

Steve and MMQ,

Drop me an email at our addy on our main page, top left, so I can send you the email I sent to folks who want to submit.


Yost said...


The address you gave:

me at brewonsouthu.wordpress.com

bounced back. Drop me an email at the MZone addy on our main page so I can reply.