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Monday, August 22, 2011

Wandering the Streets of A2

Mikoyan, proprietor of the photography-based blog Michigan Exposures and frequent MZone contributor, recently wandered the streets of A2, camera in hand.  Don't know about you, but I never tire of seeing the campus.  Even more so now that I don't live close enough to make it there on a regular basis.  And with many of our readers also spread across the country, thought you'd like to get ready for Meeechigan's upcoming season with a stroll around A2.

Let the memories commence!

No stop to U-M's campus would be complete without walking past the Endover Cube or, as it's more commonly known, The Cube.

Remember the first time you spun it?

Next up is the Fleming Administration Building. Need to know more? Take it away, Mikoyan:

This building was designed by Alden Dow who was the son of the founder of Dow Chemical and resident of Michigan. He started out his academic career at the University of Michigan and was studying engineering to work at his father's company. After three years, he transferred to Columbia University where he studied architecture. He worked with the Saginaw firm of Frantz and Spence for a while and then he studied under Frank Lloyd Wright. After which he returned to Midland and opened his own firm.
Construction on the Fleming Building started in 1965 and was completed in 1968. It houses the Adminstration of the University. It almost looks like it could be used as a fortress if necessary.

I agree about the fortress assessment.  And because the Fleming Administration Building has been the site of many-a-student protest over the years, it's probably a good idea!

Ready for its next student protest

Ah, The Michigan Union. One of my favorite buildings on the entire campus. Below, Mikoyan looks up at the Michigan Union Tower.

Any alums of the U-M law school? Then the pic below of the reading room will bring back some memories. Or as I call it, "that place you went after you realized the Ugli wasn't for studying."

Below is a shot Mikoyan took looking north on State Street.  While the names of the restaurants and bars may change every couple of years, thankfully, it still looks the same.

Obviously school's not in session: nobody is almost getting run over!

What better place to end our quick trip around A2 than a walk through the Diag. Here's a shot of West Engineering building.

Last, but not least...

I still won't step on the damn thing!

If you look close, you'll notice the "M" at the center of the Diag was a gift from the class of '53.  Talk about the ultimate class gift!  There is no way to top that.  You just know the class of '54 was going, "We are so fucked!"

Which is probably why I don't believe my class did anything (at least not to my knowlege).  I'm guessing everybody post-'53 just said, screw it. 


Mikoyan said...

Thanks for posting this. I have a few more tours of campus, but they aren't organized like that.

Yost said...

All thanks to you, Mikoyan! As usual, great stuff.

Dennis said...

Just a thought. The OSU Alumni magazine had a photographer take pictures of small parts of buildings on our campus and had a contest to see who could identify the most. I funded part of my undergrad education delivering the student newspaper and the NYtimes and WSJ all over campus, so I ended up winning.

The point is not to have a multi image contest but during the next slow season, assuming we don't give you guys another scandal to occupy all your time, Mikoyan could shoot a picture and you could post it. Just a part of the cube, or a bit of the lights in the law library, if one of the buidlings has a somewhat distinctive window design, etc. Just something whenever the mood strikes you.

Bigasshammm said...

This just in. The Fantasy Football league is close to being canceled. Only 5 members and the draft is this Friday night. If we don't get at least 5 more then I'm going to pull the plug on it. Contact me kpete879 at att dot net.

surrounded in columbus said...

great little tour.

just a week ago, my step son & i attended the offical campus tour for prospective students (we did central campus in the a.m., and the engineering campus in the afternoon). you photo tour follows the main campus tour almost step by step.

good stuff.

Ramona said...

You captured the timeless spirit of our campus very well on a quick tour. Fall of '79, freshman year, that sense of discovery and I was sitting crosslegged on the floor in the UGLi, poring over old yearbooks from the 1950s. Fall of 2009 and I took my kids on a tour of campus, and even with so much of the old, now transformed into something more modern and unrecognizable, the spirit is never subdued.