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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alchol to make Ohio government better; the MZone welcomes a new member

Ohio: Where real life feels like an Onion headline

Ohio, home of "take your guns to the sporting events" laws has another "no-brainer" they're considering (and I literally mean no brain): state officials are debating a proposal to establish the nation's only statehouse bar.

That's right.  Get smashed, make laws.


College student?  That's my state rep!

Tressel's consultation with Browns yields predictable results

Yesterday, we blogged about Jim Tressel showing up on the sidelines during the Cleveland Browns training camp.  Well, you just knew how that was going to end.

ED. NOTE: With this 'Shopped picture above, I'd like to officially welcome the newest member of the MZone team, Rigby.  Rigby will be handling Photoshop duties here at the MZone as well as some other things he's working on.  

As you know, the Photoshop position here at the MZone is second in importance only to the ability to find scantily clad co-ed pix (a thankless job I do because I'm selfless like that).  Since our founding in 2005, there have only been two resident Photoshop gurus here: Benny, who departed during The Original MZone (respect) and may or may not currently be in the Witness Protection Program, and Andy, who gave the MZone family a home via Spawn of MZone after T.O.M.Z. was shuttered in '08 then convinced me to come back full-time last fall, but has recently decided to hang up his keyboard.  

While those are gigantic keystrokes to fill, I have no doubt Rigby will be able to step in and help us to continue to fulfill your procrastination needs so that you keep getting paid for doing very little at work.


Rigby said...

Thanks for the nice welcome, Yost. Longtime reader (2005), first time contributor. Glad to help out!

Yost said...

You're welcome. Just don't try to take over the co-ed pix duties!

Rigby said...

No promises...

Reed said...

Lift the seat before you hurl, girl!

phil said...

As a reader, if Rigby and Yost want to have a co-ed pix war, then I'm willing to bite the bullet and act as a judge to see who is the most competent. It's dangerous duty but someone has to do it.

MZone13 said...

Will this affect wallpaper wednesdays at all? Those are my favorite posts!

Yost said...

13, I loved those as well. Haven't even gotten that far yet. Will see what we can do.

Rigby said...

Lol. Thanks for offering to sacrifice Phil, but I defer to Yost. The hot co-eds are just rewards for an internationally known blogger. I'll get there someday.

beast in 'bama said...

Keep that man the hell away from Colt McCoy!

surrounded in columbus said...

ok- as to serving alcohol- the basement of the statehouse already has a snack bar/cafe. they are trying to expand the operations to allow for catering (some of the ante rooms & other parts of the building are quite beautiful- they redid the entire buidling about 10 years ago to restore the original 1850's period look).

so, the purpose of the liquor license is to allow some after hours entertaining and encourage use of the building for private functions.

on the other hand, we'd probably all be better off if the legislators did throw back a few before session. might loosen some of them up.