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Friday, August 05, 2011

Columbus DJs offer Casey Anthony $10K to wear M hat instead

Oh those wacky morning radio DJs. A couple of guys from the originally named "Dave and Jimmy Show" on WNCI in C-bus are offering Casey Anthony $10K to ditch the Buckeye hat she was spotted in and don a Michigan one.

Doh! Those funny, funny Zoo Crews! Now let's go to Christy K. with a look at the weather. Christy?

(HT: Busted Coverage)


GoBlueBob said...

The $9 was his tips from his pizza delivery job.

Caring Hands Glass Art, Fine Jewelry and Gemstones said...

Obviously it is nothing new that tOSU Alumni doesn't think twice about offering money to make someting go away......they must have a class on that, I wonder if Tressel taught it.

Voice of Reason said...

Anthony is proof that "Birds of a feather..." she is supporting the school after her own heart.

Bigasshammm said...

I'd give her a $100k just not to kill her kid.

But I guess it's too late for that.

Dennis said...

Yost, they actually used to be the Morning Zoo. Somehow, I think they got syndicated. When I was a kid I used to listen to Dave, Jimmy was an intern I believe.

When I was younger, I used to argue with my wife and just continue because if I kept talking long enough I believed she would eventually see the wisdom behind what I was saying. Eventually I learned to shut up and let her come to realize I was right on her own. Except on those few occaisions when I was wrong. OSU fans and the University should just shut up about Miss Anthony and hopefully her and her 15 minutes will go away. As Ypst mentioned in the previous post, we should have kept our mouths shut and not given this story more legs.

Of course, maybe I shouldn't post here either, since Cowherd is always trolling for source material.

surrounded in columbus said...

She probably couldn't take their offer unless she left Columbus.

It's one thing to walk around with death threats because people think you killed your own child.

But that's nothing compared to the danger of walking around Columbus in a Michigan hat. $10,000 probably isn't enough for her to risk her life!

Dennis said...

I see people in Michigan gear down here. There seem to be two categories. Alums or folks like my firned John who grew up in A2 were Michigan fans, but for whatever reason went to school somewhere else. I have one across the hall from me. She has a little Michigan banner held up by an OSU magnet.

The other group are the Walmart Wolverines, I believe you call them. I am judging based on appearence, but they do not appear to have attended any University, and may not have made it out of High School. They tend to do it just to be different. I think a lot of them became fans during the Cooper years and stuck with their new team even when things weren't going well. I don't see poeple give them crap over their gear but it might be because they are a tad scary looking.

BTW, we have a lot of OSU fans, that look the same as the Walmart Wolverines, they just have OSU gear on instead.

Do you guys have OSU fans up there like that?

Bigasshammm said...

In my countless trips to A2 or the surrounding areas I never see people walking around with Ohio stuff on. I've always aquainted it with the fact that in Michigan they don't really care about Ohio and their big thing is Michigan Michigan State. It's the Ohio fans that take it to a psychotic level and threaten you or get in your face anywhere in this great wonderful state I'm forced to live in.

I will say thogh that ever since Hoke was hired more and more people have been commenting on my M hat and saying Go Blue and supporting Hoke. No one like Rodriguez. It's pretty sad.

Mikoyan said...

I see people in Buckeye gear all the time up here. I would suspect I probably see more Buckeye fans here than I would see Michigan fans in Columbus. Hell, one time when I was up at the Mackinac Bridge there was a group of Buckeyes. Fortunately they spared me the agongy of seeing the "OHIO" thing in front of one of Michigan's icons.

Crock said...

We have lived all over the country & overseas.
My experience with "walmart wolverines" is that the majority stay in Michigan.
I promise you when I see someone sporting Michigan gear, in Texas, Florida, Japan, New Jersey, & now Arizona- I always give a hearty "Go Blue". More often than not, I get a good response & those fans know whats going in the UofM news of the day.
I've also seen plenty of tsio fans - and they very rarely have a clue.

bigGexpress said...

Awww, Shucks!


I was looking forward to that.