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Monday, August 29, 2011

O. S. U...Tube

We admit there are a lot of YouTube vids by OSU* fans posted here on the MZone.  But it's not our fault.  Honest.  We simply work with what the comedy gods giveth.

Truth is, our crack research team searches just as hard for the crazy or out-there Michigan clips.  However, we usually find things like this...

Sure, it's fine. It's okay. It's...whatever.

But the vids posted by Tosu* fans are, shall we say, different.   And plentiful.  Now that so many in Buckeye Nation Unincorporated Township have finally gotten rid of their AOL dial-up accounts, there is a YouTube glut of these folks sharing their Tosu* pride - usually sans filter. 

For example, last fall, we were traumatized by Mascot Man who sucked so bad he was awesome in a Showgirls kinda way.  There's Jessi-slash-Stretchy Buckeye who, well, this.  And who can forget the Sleepy Rappers?  Not us.

Face it, some dude humming The Victors on a whistle pop just doesn't seem worth posting when up against that kind of competition.

Then there are the Buckeye jackhats who, in their own, limited, f-bomb laden words, say O-H S-O much about the Tosu* fan base.  Like the articulate young man in the videos below.

First, he made the following "test video" in order to familiarize himself with the cutting edge world of YouTube:

Having conquered the intricate YouTube technology with his six second masterpiece above, this deep thinker then proceeded to share his wit and college football wisdom with the world.  Behold the genius...

Favorite line: "You see that fuckin' helmet back there? That's what we do, baby."

Uh, Fathead wall stickers in your room at your mom's house? I'm confused.


phil said...

ATTENTION SINGLE LADIES: if you need a guy who doesn't work and who will lay around on your couch all day and let you support him, contact the brainless dude in the last video. he's already full of himself so at least you won't have to fill him.

CaliGirl said...

@Phil: HILARIOUS!! He must make his mom proud. I am soooo all over this guy....I mean what girl wouldn't want a man saying "F*@# you" after everything, or making out in his parent's house under a giant helmet sticker on his wall OVER HIS BED?!?! It just oozes sex appeal, doesn't it? Ahhh Buckeye fans...
This one is all Klass, and I do mean that with a captial K.

Yost said...

I'm guessing there is a lady out there in Ohio for this guy. And she's exactly like you think she is.

Mikoyan said...

Somewhere in Ohio, a village is missing it's backup idiot....

bigGexpress said...


ThWard said...

Minutes after recording this, the dude re-watched it... paused... and then thought, "Yep, nailed it" before posting. That's my favorite part of this whole thing.

Yost said...


withering fire said...

So that's what a video application to TSIO looks like. Super.

Mikoyan said...

So why are all the videos like this of the person looking down at the camera? Is this to show their superiority over everyone that is watching their video?