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Monday, August 08, 2011

MZone Summer Close-Out Contest: Predict the Penalty in C-bus

As we get set to close out the off-season and turn our attention to Meeeechigan's 2011 campaign, we would be remiss if we didn't take at least one more look back at all the problems at Tosu* which have provided us with so much material during the summer.  If not for Tatgate-turned-Tresselgate, we'd have gone dark more times than that Spider-Man musical on Broadway.

With Tosu* set to go before the NCAA committee on infractions August 12th, frequent contributor SiC suggested we have a contest in which MZone readers attempt to predict what further penalties (if any) will be leveled against the Buckeyes.

Excellent idea!

So gaze into your crystal balls and let us know whether you think the NCAA is going to drop the hammer or give Gene Smith & Co. a big ol' sloppy wet kiss.

Personally, I think it'll go something like this...

"It's Columbustown, Jake."


Caring Hands Glass Art, Fine Jewelry and Gemstones said...

Personally, I have the dreaded feeling that it will be something like the Anthony case.......known guilt and get off the hook. I think we will be greatly disappointed in what comes down.

Bigasshammm said...

Yeah with them not being hit with loic or ftm the writing is on the wall. They'll get 2-3 years of probation and maybe 2-4 scholarship reduction over 2 years. Which with their impacted recruiting isn't going to affect them anyway.

I don't see them getting a bowl ban or anything. And outrage will fly from everywhere I'm sure.

But it is my birthday Saturday so I'm hoping for a nice surprise.

Dennis said...

I think they will go with the penalties OSU imposed on themselves. Tressl is gone and while I think the problem extended past him, the NCAA has been unable to find anything concrete that indicates that is true. The violations weren't that bad*, it was the lying about them that was the problem. Gene Smith being well placed isn't going to hurt our cause.

I would rather everything get out in the open now and take more severe penalties if need be than have this drag out and everyone think we got away with something. I know I am in the minority amongst my Buckeye Brethren with regards to this.

* Don't take this as condoning those violations. I think those found guilty should have been suspended for several games and should not have played in the bowl game. Again, I am a somewhat lonely voice coming from Buckeye Nation. Going forward, my solution would be to remove the temptation and not give out rings, pants, etc until the player graduates, leaves for the NFL or just leaves.

GoBlueBob said...

It is really hard to judge what the NCAA will do since they are never consistent. From my biased Michigan view, they should get more than what they have already imposed on themselves but, as Dennis stated, if the NCAA cannot find more evidence it may be enough (but I doubt it). While there is evidence tosu knew about some of what was going on based on Tre$$els evaluations and prior history, it may not be enough to warrant lack of institutional control (or whatever that is called) even though it looks like they just looked the other way for several years. Based on the evaluations of JT you would think they would have been monitoring him much more closely. Just substantiates that winning and beating Michigan were more important to tosu than some of the other things that should go into college athletics.

By the way, I heard the players may still get to wear the wrist bands. They convinced Gene Smith that they were in support of Justin Timberlake.

By the way Dennis, if you are coming to Ann Arbor on Nov. 26th you are invited to our tailgate. I would like to meet you and see if you are really as reasonable as you appear. We seem to have some things in common such as passion for our teams, but appreciation for good competition and sportsmanship.

Dennis said...

Thanks for the invite and the kind words. I'll know closer to the game. If I don't, my next trip to A2 will likely be in March with my 8 year old for the Jason Whitfield Invitational.

Bigasshammm said...

One thing I haven't seen discussed anywhere is what Ohio has to do with the substantial amount of money they got for playing in and winning the bowl game. That should be paid back and or should be evenly distributed amongst the other BIG teams with Ohio getting none of it.

Andy said...

I don't think there is any chance the NCAA accepts Ohio State's self-imposed punishments for this fiasco. It just isn't their way. That being said, I don't expect the Buckeyes will get hammered too badly. I also don't think the NCAA is finished looking into the goings-on in Columbus. The Dennis Talbot signature machine / golf team is still on the table.

Any Buckeye fan hanging their hat on the fact that JT is no longer the coach, is kidding themselves. That fact makes absolutely no difference to the NCAA. He was the coach when the rules were broken. You can't claim "he was acting alone" and "we should not be charged with failure to monitor" at the same time.

I expect to see at least a one-year bowl ban, essentially to make them pay for convincing the NCAA to allow the tat-five to play in the Sugar Bowl. I don't think they will get any substantial scholarship reductions. Probation and fines.

What I really want to happen is for the NCAA to slap a "show cause" penalty on Jim Tressel for 10 years to ensure he never gets another college football coaching job again.

Mikoyan said...

August 12 is my birthday and I expect the NCAA to give me a nice present.

GoBlueBob said...

Hammm and Mik.... you guys both ruined my surprise birthday greeting that I was going to send out on Friday...... Oh well.... hope you both have great birthdays regardless of what happens to tosu.

Bigasshammm said...

Bob in leu of surprise greetings I'll gladly accept tickets.



Mik Happy birthday one day sooner!

surrounded in columbus said...

my money is on:

all of the already proposed penalties;

one year bowl suspension; &

4 scholarships for 3 years (using LSU's recently imposed penalty as a guide).

nothing too draconian- just enough to hurt a little more, but not enough to really last.

keep in mind, the real "penalty" has already happened (& no, not merely the loss of Sweaterboy). for the last decade, tosu has had a culture of lax compliance, and attracted a large number of top flight players, more so than in years before. whether Sweaterboy knew about Clarett's or Troy Smith's additional benefits, as he did Pryor's, or simple turned a blind eye to it, it's clear that over the last decade tosu had a lotta players getting a lotta stuff, and THAT helps recruiting (at least recruiting the TPs of the world).

that's gone. over the next decade, they'll recruit w/ out a culture of cash & cars, and while they'll still have very good players? the difference between just one "paid" star (Clarett/Smith/Pryor?) is the difference between 12-0 and 9-3.