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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Can Women Have a Buckstache?


You're Casey Anthony and you want to go to a place where they not only accept known liars, they make hype videos urging football teams to win for them.  So where do you go?


According to TMZ, Casey Anthony was hanging out in Ohio this weekend and - Thank you, Comedy Gods! - was wearing her Ohio State* hat loud and proud.

Which begs the question: Can women have Buckstaches?

No word yet on when Gene Smith and Gordon Gee are going to hold a press conference defending her character.

Shopping for a Pryor jersey perhaps?

(HT: SiC)


surrounded in columbus said...

to me, she'll always be a tragic hero. she had an otherwise sterling record and let one moment of bad decision making ruin her reputation forever.

Yost said...


MZone Comment MVP Award Nominee

Ryan said...

lol. SiC, that's brilliant.

phil said...

TMZ has her quoted:
"Not everybody's the perfect person in the world. I mean everyone kills their kid, murders their kid, steals checks from you, steals credit cards from me, whatever. I think child killers need a second chance, and I've always looked up to Terrelle Pryor, and I always will."

Ex said...

You guys really have no perspective about what is important in life do you?

surrounded in columbus said...

guess not. maybe i should have read "The Winner's Manual"?

gh said...

Why so uptight, Ex?

Applying 'buckeye logic', as much as people hoped and prayed that she'd get a harsher sentence, the investigation could only find her guilty of a few minor fibs.

And none of this changes the fact that her legal team handed the police and prosecutors their asses many times over the past 4 years.

Or is this all because she actually paid for her tattoo?

surrounded in columbus said...

maybe someone needs a "reality check"?

Yost said...

Play nice, everybody. I think I've found a way for Ex to be helpful here at the MZone. More to come tomorrow.

Mikoyan said...

So let me get this straight...we send our criminals off to Texas and Ohio actually invites them in?

surrounded in columbus said...

you're not REALLY a criminal, if you do it for tosu.

let's say you're walking down the street & see some blue hair? if you just knock her down for the fun of it? that's a crime.

but if she's a Michigan alum walking in Columbus on game day? she had it coming.

so, what if you happened to convicted of a few minor crimes related to the investigation of the death of your child? if you're a buckeye fan? welcome to Ohio!

surrounded in columbus said...

Ah, this is "nice", Dad.

Can you imagine what we kids wudda done had Sru said something like THAT?
(Which, to his credit, he wouldn't have)