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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Buckeye "Pride?"

Yesterday, we posted the TMZ pix of Casey Anthony rocking her block "O" hat at a mall near Columbus.  Okay, we admit it: easy joke.  Ha ha.  Everybody move on.  "Story" forgotten in 24 hours.

But for reasons which only the school's ill-advised PR team can answer, the school felt compelled to issue a statement about it: 

"We are never surprised to see Buckeye pride displayed across the world.  Buckeye hoodies and hats have traditionally been spotted across the world, and we understand that as a result, our logo will be seen in a wide range of news situations, whether positive or negative."

Why some flack/the school felt the need to respond/issue a statement and give the story legs is stunning.  Sure, our lazy blogging asses appreciate the free material, but what an egregiously bad PR decision.  Wow! 

And such a poorly worded statement to boot.  Having the words "Buckeye pride" associated with a story about Casey Anthony?  Well done, Tosu*.

It's no wonder that TMZ titled their follow-up piece, "Casey Anthony: Ohio State NOT surprised she wears Buckeyes gear."


Can't wait for Tosu* to issue another statement clarifying that first one.  Or maybe we should give them a buzz to ask for a statement on all the Buckstache affectionados.  Wonder what the "pride" level is on scarlet and gray-clad library pervs?


surrounded in columbus said...

to recognize Casey Anthony's support of the program, tosu players will be wearing wrist bands w/ the initials "CA" on them this season.


you just couldn't make up stuff this funny.

phil said...

sic - now i have to go on a rant:

Where is the love for Terrelle Pryor? Isn't he at least worthy of the players putting his initials in eye black? He was totally thrown under the bus because of the sins of Tressel. Now he is a man without a team. Does tUOS have no shame in using this player and then throwing him in the trash heap? If Tressel could have hid his own cheating, lying ways, then Pryor would have undoubtedly won a National Championship and a Heisman trophy this fall. Now they honor JT and totally forget the student that had his career ruined. Am I missing something here?

surrounded in columbus said...

they gotta blame somebody. same w/ Clarett.

if you blame the "adults"? then it's a real problem, emblematic of the school, its fans, and its culture.

if you blame the "kids"? it's transitory- somebody else's fault.

this world was made for people who lack self awareness.

Crock said...

Now a radio station in Ohio is offering Casey $10,000 to wear Michigan gear !!!!
What the crap do they drink down there?
That is just beyond warped !

surrounded in columbus said...

to paraphrase Yost's new BFF Ex, it would appear that those guys really have no perspective about what is important in life do they?

surrounded in columbus said...

seriously- here's the link to the story-


where's Ex & his moral indignation about people's priorities when a local dumass DJ wants to put her in M gear?

and i don't mean some meaningless bullshit comment here on an M site condemning it. he thought our laughing at her in tosu gear merited him logging on & telling us we didn't know what was important.

where's the links to his comments on the Ozone, Bucknutts, and other tosu sites (where they're laughing up the idea), telling tosu fans that THEY don't have they're priorities right?

easy to complain to M fans about tosu fans. does he have the stones to troll on over to the tosu site and tell them the same things???

Ex said...

I don't go to the sites you mention, which is why i don't comment there. I think it is reprehensible. I just watched the video about it on WNCi She wears an OSU hat, thats our bad luck. To pay her to put your shit on is scummy.

Ex said...

Wait - i just realized I called your gear "your shit." i didn't mean it in any pejorative sense. Your gear looks great by and large and believe me I have seen a ton of it.