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Friday, August 12, 2011

Buckeye Fans and Their Newspapers: Spelling Opshunel

Gotta love it when the comedy writes itself.  Or, in this case, does so incorrectly.

Just got the following email:

Hey Guys,

Big Michigan fan from down here in Columbus Ohio. I was on the Columbus Dispatch website (http://www.dispatch.com/) and then the Buckeyextra website (http://www.buckeyextra.com/content/) and found something interesting about the header they were using on the site. It shows a picture of four fans with OHIO spelled across their shirts. The only problem is, they were spelling O-I-O-O with their hands. This is not photoshopped. Go to their website and see for yourself.

Take care and GO BLUE!


Indeed, Darin  is correct.  It's on the site.  Check it out before a Tosu* grad with a Master's Degree from somewhere else spots the mistake and they change it.

Yep, THE Ohio State University.

There are also some standards of journalism at the Dispatch that I also question.   To wit, they still have their little counter in the corner stating it's been 2820 days* since Michigan's last victory over Ohio State in football.  But if they had any journalistic integrity it would read: "Days since Ohio State's last victory over Michigan without cheating and not counting vacated years: Unknown"

P.S.  SiC, you and Darin should meet up and form some sort of displaced Wolverine buddy system down there for safety purposes.


gh said...

Not 100% sure of it, but I think the 2nd person might just be doing a very poor pointy "O". (shame on them....revoke their truck driver's license!!)

In that case they are doing an O-O-O-O, which as memory serves at games (which I assume the picture is taken from), they spell the OH-IO as individuals but when they do intentionally posed pictures, they spell it as a 4some.

As dirty as I feel for defending them, this is kinda weak when there is sooooo much more material to make fun of our cooler-pooping friends from the south with.


Ex said...

This is how low you have sunk? On a day when OSU revealed it spent more on PR (270k) than it did on NCAA compliance counseling (161k) in the wake of Tresselgate, you run this lame piece that isn't even correct? C'mon Blue, give us your best game.

Yost said...

Not correct, Ex? You do know Ohio isn't spelled O-I-O-O, right?

And maybe we wouldn't have to put up this "lame" stuff if "somebody" who said they'd do guest columns for the MZone followed though on that.

Ex said...

They are making "O" signs with their hands. Their shirts spell Ohio.

TitleIX said...

Ex, thank you for proving a point...even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, tUOS fans see what they want to see

huck said...

This looks like it was taken at a game during the Stadium O-H-I-O Cheer, they were most likely in the O section (seems more likely with their coordinated shirts which would probably put them in Block-O). The second guy is doing a crappy job, though.

surrounded in columbus said...

spin it anyway you like- they look stupid as shit.

no explaining away that.