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Thursday, August 18, 2011

25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays: #20 Ticket Stubs & Programs

If I ever - ever - start a countdown list on this blog again, somebody please just smack me in the f*cking head.  Son of a bitch!  The problem with these lists is that I feel compelled to do them once started.  But then blogging, rather being the fun hobby I enjoy as an escape, becomes like a job and/or homework.  Something I have to do (like make fun of people who still think Tressel was an innocent scapegoat).  And that defeats the whole purpose of blogging.  For cryin' out loud, this countdown was started so that its finish would coincide with the home opener.  But that plan's already gone to shit.*  Oh well, I digress.  Because today we somehow reach...

#20: Ticket Stubs & Game Programs

This dual item (they really do go hand-in-hand) harkens back to my childhood.  I don't think anybody who started going to Michigan games as a kid didn't love leaving A2 with a game program and a well-preserved ticket stub as souvenirs.  Sure, the bigger ticket items like a hat and a shirt were nice, but the actual ticket and corresponding program were a way to relive the game again that night and for months (or years) to come.

Just looking at this cover and
reliving what happened still hurts
Personally, I would get home from the game, still sky-high from the experience, then immediately begin browsing through the program again.  Memorizing tidbits about the coaching staff from their bios (holy crap, Fred Jackson has been there forever!).  Marveling at how old the players all looked when I was a kid (18, 19, 20 and 21, my ass!  These were grown, old men).  Trying to figure out that scheduling chart at the end of the program with all the Big 10 teams (when indeed it was just 10).

And the ticket stubs.  I'd collect mine, saving them along with the other important worldly possessions of an eight year old: comic books, some piece of crap from a cereal box, that gift your grandma gave you that you never played with but your mom wouldn't let you throw away.  Yet while the comic books, cereal box toy and gift quickly did vanish, I kept those ticket stubs for years, each one bringing forth a small smile of remembrance.  The first Big House game I'd ever been to; some crappy blow out game in which the outcome was never in doubt (remember those days?).  My first Michigan-Ohio State game (when we won those, too).  And other "special" games.  A big play.  A great comeback.  Special memories with my friends or family.  All from an old ticket stub.

Then, when I got older, while I stopped saving the ticket stubs and became a season ticket holder.  And if you are also a season ticket holder, there is nothing - and I mean nothing - that can get a grown Michigan Man as excited (okay, a few things) as getting his season tickets in the mail.  It's, well, like this...

Actually, I think a Michigan Man getting his tickets in the mail is slightly more excited than that.  Maybe it's just me.

* No, this won't be the last time I bitch about this countdown.  Hell, in time, the bitching may actually overtake the countdown content.  Which might even be more entertaining for you, the loyal MZone reader.  It'll be a cyber-meltdown for all to enjoy.  Grab some popcorn and stay tuned!


Dennis said...

I'm thinking you need to do a Top 25 list of why you hate doing Top 25 lists.

I was starting to wonder if it was only going to be your four favorite things about Michigan Football. I thought about offering to help, but I'm not sure entries like Rich Rodriguez or Mike Hart never beating Ohio State would be the kind of thing you are looking for. Even if I worded it as Hart losing to tOSU, tO$U, O"lie"o State or even TUOS, I still think they might not be what you want. :)

Yost said...

LOL, Dennis. No, not exactly what I was going for.

Dennis said...

Apparently my OSU education is showing, I had trouble counting in that first post. It should have been "I was starting to wonder if it was only go to be your five, not four, favorite things about Michigan Football. I've learned from recent scandals I need to get out in front of the issue and try to frame, in the most favorable light, my poor counting skills.

And then spin it. Four sounds funnier. You made it past top three, which is a standard, but couldn't make it to top five, another standard for top lists. Why let the fact you got five entries in, now six, disuade me from going with the comic gold of four. :)

I think I need more sleep.

616goblue said...


BTW, in Mzone 1.0 you never finished the co-ed showdown bracket...just sayin'

Yost said...

616, good memory! I almost referenced that in this post! Yeah, that's what of the main reasons I hate these things. The Blog Co-ed Showdown took a beautiful thing - sexy co-eds - and turned it into work. 'Nuff said.

GoBlueBob said...

I used to collect programs and have boxes of them. I was thinking of using them to wall paper my Michigan area of my basement but have not gotten to it yet. I stopped buying programs a few years ago when the price kept going up. I save ticket stubs for awhile but am not very disciplined about it. My oldest son has his set of season tickets from the 1997 season in a frame. That group is worth keeping for sure.

TitleIX said...

As the decider you could chose to extend the countdown through the season...which then may actually provide you with an opportunity for the obvious #1....BEATING THE SCHOOL FROM OHIO

Just sayin. ;-)

Yost said...

I like your thinking, T9! Although, if I have to end this countdown at #2 for another year...

Dennis said...

Speaking of #1 and #2, that is something, if I seriously was writing for you, I would list as things I admire about Michigan. I like the way you guys handle certain uniform numbers. There is something about it that puts the program before the player.

I think we have retired too many numbers. You win two Heismans and are the only one to ever do it, you get your number, 45, retired. I'd probably also agree with Chic Harley, 47, and Bill Willis, 99. Willis, if you aren't familir with him is a very interesting story.

The others, while great players, didn't do as much. I'd retire Troy Smith's number before Eddie George's and I wouldn't retire Troy's. I might consider it if we had won one of those MNC games.