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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays: #24 Elbel Field/Revelli Hall

Yesterday, in preparation of the upcoming 2011 season, we started counting down the 25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays.  Clocking in at #25 was State Street.  Today...

#24: Elbel Field/Revelli Hall

(via UMich & Ann Arbor Greenway)

During the week and on non-football Saturday's, Elbel Field is just a great place to toss the football around with your friends.  Or play a softball game.  Maybe kick a soccer ball.  Or, our favorite...

But the large open space - bordered by S. Division, Hill Street, Greene Street and E. Hoover Avenue - is also the outdoor practice facility for the University of Michigan Marching Band.  And if you get to A2 really early on game days, you can catch the band practicing for afternoon's performance on the now-turfed practice field just off Hill St.

(via MGoBlog)

Revelli Hall, across from Elbel on E. Hoover, is the indoor home of the Michigan Marching Band.  If you miss the early morning practice at Elbel, catch the band outside Revelli before they head to The Big House.

And if following them up Hoover Street doesn't give you chills, you won't need a ticket to the game because you're already dead and can simply float through the gates past the ticket takers.


GoBlueBob said...

I never get tired of watching the band and especially the percusion section doing Temptation and the Hawiian War Chant.

Dennis said...

If you come to Columbus next year, you should swing by St. John Arena before The Game for Skull Session. Assuming you can endure a bunch of OSU music, both TBDBITL and your band play. The folks who attend this tend to be the more rational fans, or that has been my biased perception. Though even some of them may sing the Victors with slighlty different lyrics. But not many, this tends to be a more family friendly atmosphere.

I'm enjoying your list, by the way. That is the great thing about college football at our level. My list for OSU would not be all that different from yours. Even at lower levels of competitive football, fans like my fellow Catholics who put faith before common sense and root for ND could probably come up with a similar list. The names and locations would be different, but the passion is the same. Just this morning, it was cooler and low humidity and it felt like early season football weather.

I would probably have Skull Session higher on my list, but we love our band more than you guys love yours. ;)

Bigasshammm said...

I remember the first game I ever attended was with my sister. We had nosebleed seats up in the north endzone and went into the stadium basically right after they opened the gates. I was blown away by the size and then we got to see the marching band march down the street towards the stadium. It was an awesome site.

GoBlueBob said...

Dennis, The Michigan band is the best and they know it so they do not need a silly acronym to remind themselves. Check out the post from 11/18/05 which you can find on the left column under tosu favorites. It is called the best damn copycats. I think you might learn something. :>})

A2saint said...

The Band the Band the Band... One of my favorite parts of Football Saturday!

Mikoyan said...

I would have to say that it is the band that separates college football from pro football. It is definately one of the best parts of college football.

Dennis said...


I read it when it came out but just reread it now. As someone there pointed out and as I mentioned elsewhere I admit we perfected it. You guys came out in a nice static formation. We figured out how to "write" it out. Unless we stole that from someone else. If we did I'll go with the at least we figured out how to put them together defense. The reese's peanut butter cups of marching band formations. :)

Yost said...

Dennis, I've been to St. John's for that and it is pretty awesome.

GoBlueBob said...

Anyone who has been visiting this site for awhile knows that I love the Michigan band. I always stay at the game until the very end and then watch the band show. I do not remember how long I have been doing this but I do not remember missing many band shows and have been going to games for 35 years. I have also been known to stay and watch opposing band shows when we have travelled to watch Michigan. The Indiana band does a great show after their games and does something similar to Temptation and The Hawiian War Chant. As Mik said, the bands add to the total game day experience and make it different than pro football. The tailgate, the game, the band, the tradition all make these few fall days very special.

M Fanfare said...

@ Dennis the Michigan Marching Band no longer participates in the Skull Session as of 2004 or 2006. Since Tressel started bringing the team in, it became less of a concert and more of a pep rally, and the MMB staff didn't see the need to attend anymore.