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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Thankfully, Buckeyes make blogging easy in the off-season

It's hard to find the motivation or the material for a college football blog after a long holiday weekend in July.

But thankfully I can count on: a) you, the MZone readers and b) Ohio State, its fans and athletes to keep our little corner of cyberspace going during the dog days of summer.

First off, our pal SiC sends us the pic below of a shirt being sold in Columbus-area stores.  Basically it's a "Tressel Tribute" tee.  However, as you can see, they forgot a couple things.  Like thanking him for the sanctions that will be coming.  Or for the lying to the NCAA.  Or for embarrassing the school and making it a punchline? (I know, redundant). 

Oh, and as for the thanks for that 9-1, somebody forgot to add a big ol' asterisk there.  Plus, I can promise you that at least one of those wins will be stricken from the books after the NCAA is done looking into the stink hole that was Tressel's tenure.

Then again, facts probably don't matter to Tosu fans.  And why would they?  They're just the sort of folk who would purchase a t-shirt with this much shit written on it to begin with.  If you purchase something like this, you probably already own multiple NASCAR and airbrushed articles of clothing.

'Nuff said.

Next, the fine folks @ToolBoxBlog sent us this retweet by Terrelle Pryor.

I wonder if TP was at the tattoo parlor when he decided he had to pass this one on to his followers? Or perhaps he was test driving a car out of state over the entire holiday weekend (you know, like all of us get to do) when such profound insight into the human condition caused him to pull over and retweet the nugget above.

Anyway, thanks to both SiC and TBB for the comedy gems.  And more importantly, thank you Tosu for making it oh-so-easy to keep the site going over the summer.


Reed said...

I'm pretty sure that tressel shirt is intended to rhyme. The second stanza combines "cheers" with "years." But the first tries for the round peg in the square hole with "1" and "win." Perhaps it is mere coincidence, but it sure seems like a poetry fail to me.

bigGexpress said...

Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

Andy said...

This freak-show never seems to end.

Our future photoshopped design is starting to bubble inside my head.

Yost said...

Run with it, Andy!

Mikoyan said...

Wow....to quote Lord Vader: "All too easy".

Bigasshammm said...

I hope I seem some Bucktard wearing this someday so I can openly mock them.

Mikoyan said...

At the Air Show on Saturday, I saw a dude with an Ohio State tatoo. I was going to ask him if he traded some gold pants for it....but discretion got the better of me.

Ramona said...

I will apologize at the outset to all the decent OSU folk out there, and yes this comment isn't the nicest but I am so damn grateful that Casey sent out pics of herself in the OSU jersey and not ours!

el duderino said...

Hey I thought TP's twitter was Tpeezy2?

Yost said...

It was, el. I guess he changed it after the bruhaha.