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Monday, July 25, 2011

Reader Submissions: Why a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Leave it to you, the MZone reader, to keep the site chugging along during the summer off-season.  Got a couple good pics in Ye Old Inbox over the weekend and had to share.

Two cars.  Two schools.  Two lives.

West Coast reader TG was in a grocery store parking lot in California when he spotted two cars parked next to each other - a BMW 5-series and a Honda Accord.  One had an Ohio State alumni license plate holder, the other sported a Michigan license plate holder.

Care to guess which was which?

click image for larger view
All Degrees Are Not Created Equal

Everything Must Go!

Our good buddy and frequent contributor Surrounded in Columbus who, as his screen name indicates, is forced to actually live behind enemy lines, sent us the picture below from a local sporting goods store.  They were selling 2011 Sugar Bowl gear for 50% off. 

I guess my question is: shouldn't these items be free since the game has since been washed from the Tosu* record books?

P.S.  No word from SiC on what red sweater vests are now selling for in C-bus.


phil said...

I'll bet that Accord owner was sporting much better bitching tattoos than the BMW owner.

Yost said...

Selling those little gold pants don't get ya what it used to, Phil.

YNBA (artist formerly known as Herringbone) said...


You are right. They lose value when the supply increases rapidly. Simple economics really.

Yost said...

LOL, YNBA. You know, even as I typed my comment above, I knew I was setting myself up.

Well played, sir.

surrounded in columbus said...

truth is, i think we missed the boat on the #2 sale items. there's almost nothing in the stores w/ Pryor's number (about the only thing i saw was a couple of the "retro" unis from last year's Nike pro combat series- everything else is off the shelves).

also, there's a shortage of vests, these days. the Buckeye Room still has its "thanks Jim Tressel" shirt out, but i have yet to see anyone wear one. and since tosu's policy has officially turned to "blame everything on the coach", the honor/defend/he was such a great guy schtick has quieted down intensely.

Ex said...

Love that car photo.

Josey Wales said...

Michigan grads, reinvesting in Michigan's economy one BMW at a time.