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Thursday, July 07, 2011

MZone Exclusive: OSU iPhone App Final Screen Layout

Last week, Ohio State president and second-in-command to the football coach Gordon Gee gushed about a new Ohio State app for the iPhone:

Just downloaded wonderful new OSU iPhone app. All things Scarlet & Gray at a touch. I love it! 

 And the iTunes description for the app reads:

Hey Buckeyes, put campus in your pocket with the OSU Mobile app. Easy access to everything Ohio State offers, from viewing your grades to finding the nearest pizza shop. It’s free! Download it now! 

Couple things:  Looking for a "pizza shop?"  A "pizza shop?"  Is my grandmother designing apps now?  I guess they go to the pizza shop after they grab a drink from the soda fountain.  Second, of course it's free.  Aren't all things in Columbus?  (at least if you play football)

But the main thing we noticed was that the picture on the page couldn't have been for the final layout.  I mean the letter on the grade icon was an "A."  At Ohio State?  Yeah, right.

So in an MZone exclusive we have obtained a picture of the finished screen layout for the Ohio State iPhone App.  Behold...


Dennis said...


It may be a local dialect thing, pizza shop sounds normal to me. I grew up in Columbus. The only other word I can think of that is regularly used when being generic is place. For example, "I heard the Pizza place at Ninth St and First Avenue might have to move to the corner of Eighth and First." :) And yes, we actually do have our numbered Streets cross our numbered Avenues.

If you were going to how would you find where to get good pizza? Is there any place you would use shop? Bike shop?

Of course, I still catch myself using soda, but I blame that on my 8 years in exile on the East Coast where they have no clue when you ask about pop. Also there, I heard a lot of references to pizza parlors.

Dennis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dennis said...

Darn it, wasn't thinking about HTML tags. That second paragraph should read If you were going to insert city of your choice how would you find where to get a good pizza?

Yost said...


I've always been a pizza place guy myself. For some reason pizza shop just sounded like soda shop to me.

And I'm with you re: "pop."