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Monday, July 18, 2011


A Big MZone congratulations to Desmond Howard. He was enshrined in the College Football Hall this weekend. We can talk about this "retired numbers" business later.

To mark the occasion, I found this very cool custom NCAA 12 cover to cover up Mark Ingram's ugly mug. Thanks to the custom cover king, BigDmo for making this and just about every other team & player imaginable.

Note: As a warning, the "blogger" service we use reduces the size and quality of large images posted here. If you want the highest resolution and/or a cover designed for PlayStation -- go directly to BigDmo's page.
Note #2: I keep looking for a cover with Terrelle Pryor, but I can't seem to find one.


fitzmel said...

I believe that to find the custom Terelle Pryor cover, you have to look under "Grand Theft Auto".

Andy said...

I think they released that game in Columbus under a different name...

The Sims: Buckeye Sacred Brotherhood edition

phil said...

And this excerpt from article about TP:

"Until he gets that chance, Pryor says he’s getting regular tutoring from former Bengals quarterback Ken Anderson, who’s teaching him some of the things he didn’t learn at Ohio State."
1. integrity, honest, ethics
2. basic math
3. astronomy - basic stuff like the world does not revolve around him.


Dennis said...

I think the last version I bought for my PS2 was 2008. Does anyone know if they limited USC scholarships and/or had a post season ban. I imagine they wouldn't, it would likely hurt sales.

As for the OSU cover, perhaps we should get an asterisk in place of a player.

Mikoyan said...

No, I think the Buckeye Version is that you run a tatoo parlor. It also doubles as a sports memorabilia shop and drug shop. If they had Pabst Blue Ribbon and some sort of couch fire starting eqiupment, it could be a one stop shop for all your Buckeye needs.