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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Damn right I'm a Jim Tressel fan...for $11 bucks!

Our top secret spy behind enemy lines in Columbus, SiC, who sent us the pic earlier this week of the Sugar Bowl shirts on sale, has sent us another.

I guess those Tressel hats ain't fetching what they used to!

P.S. No, I don't have any idea where the hell SiC saw this. Judging by the background, it looks like he was shopping at someone's garage sale.  Then again, this looks like exactly the sort of place that would sell a hat like this.


surrounded in columbus said...

"Acheson's" Bar, Grill, & Bait Shop on Indian Lake (just south of Lima).

REAL buckeye country, baby!

GoBlueBob said...

So are all buckeyes master baiters?

bigGexpress said...

This is just too easy. Seriously!

Mikoyan said...

I was going to say it looks like a gas station or something. There is a similar one in the UP....but I'm sure that one is much nicer.