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Monday, July 11, 2011

Buckeye fan wants to literally "F*ck Michigan"

If you've ever spent any time around Buckeye fans (sorry), then you're familiar with their love of the phrase "Fuck Michigan."  From screaming it in your face near the 'Shoe to tee shirts with the words splashed across the front, it's practically (and pathetically) the official school chant.  In fact, I think Tosu* fans prefer "Fuck Michigan!" to "Go Bucks!" 

Typical Tosu*.

And then there's the ball of class with this tattoo...

According to tipster who sent it to Deadspin, the body art above belongs to one of his co-workers whom he described exactly as you'd expect somebody with this on him to be described:

Basically he is the biggest bigot/redneck to have ever walked this earth but that's makes him so goddamned adorable. We live in Columbus and he would happily chop his own dick off to bring Tressel back. This is also the same kid who claims to have, in his own words, achieved the "unpossible" because he was entirely convinced that he had smoked so much weed his poop turned green. So yeah, go Bucks, I guess?

Yeah, those bigots are oh-so cuddly and cute, aren't they? 

Seriously, is there any doubt this guy is a complete asshat?  Really?  You doubt it?  Look at the tattoo again.  The man paid money to have someone permanently put a tattoo of a giant nut mascot - with its pants unbuckled for realism - anally raping a wolverine.  Apparently "Fuck Michigan" wasn't classy enough for this guy so he decided to go full-on visual sodomy.

How "adorable."

On second thought, I'm now guessing that "bigot" is probably one of the nicer things you can say about this dude.

(HT: NR and others)


Andy said...

[clenching jaw][fist with both hands]

....must resist temptation to photoshop the NCAA logo'd grim reaper violating Brutus....

[/clenching jaw][/fist with both hands]

Yost said...


...must resit temptation to tell Andy to do it...

phil said...

what do you mean photoshop? i think i have an actual picture of the event somewhere here......

GoBlueBob said...

Andy.... Resist the temptation. You do not want to lower yourself to the level of this asshat. The difference would be that your version would be a photoshop and not a tat but please do not do it. As much as I dislike most tosu fans, this guy is unbelievable.

Ex said...

Two things:
1. How do you know its anal? I know you michigan nerds are boring in bed but you have heard of "doggie style," right? Or are you sexists assuming the wolverine is a guy? Hmmm... even more issued get raised.

2. How do you know its rape? Maybe the wolverine was paying off a bet on one of the last nine or so Michigan-OSU games?

Bigasshammm said...

Clearly it's a Wisconsin Badger. Can't everyone see the W?

Mikoyan said...

Um...I am disturbed by the allegations that our beloved Mascot Man is into beastiality. I mean, this guy had photographic proof of this and he thought, "Hey, this would make a cool tatoo". So he took it into a tatoo parlor and had a tatoo of the dramatic event done. Being the creative guy that he is, he said, "You know that sheep is too docile. Can you make it a wolverine? Oh yeah put a Michigan sweater on the sholverine".

surrounded in columbus said...

it's odd, but beastiality isn't actually against the law in Ohio (no doubt one of the state's unsung attactions). there's a move in the legislature now to enact a statute to ban the practice (case emerged about a month ago about a local shelter volunteer who was caught w/ some of the rescue dogs for which he was caring).

so, what Bubba has planned here is perfectly legal here. score another one for Ohio!

Ramona said...

The wolverine is CRYING ... are OSU fans like sociopaths, to literally enjoy the prospect of violating ...an animal? This is warped on more levels than my mind can comprehend.

Yost said...


Guns in bars? Check.

Sodomize an animal? Also check.


Bigasshammm said...

So should we as Michigan fans get tattoos of us "busting a nut"?

I couldn't resist.

Mikoyan said...

If that tatoo were set in the real world, the Wolverine would be tearing that idiot in the mascot suit to shreds. It would be the Buckeye crying instead of the other way around. I mean a wolverine can take a bear down....A freaking bear! Do you think some dude in a mascot suit is going to have his way with the wolverine?

Also, a real wolverine would have better fashion sense and would have the M on his front and not the back.

So Ohio:
Poor fashion sense.
Allow guns in bars.
And Beatiality is A-Okay.

JAG said...

Is it just me or does it look like that Wolverine is about to rip the nut off that guy in 3.. 2..1..