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Friday, July 15, 2011

Adventures in Heroism

Just in case you missed Yost's (re)tweet of the never ending stream of ridiculous news coming from our friends down south, I give your this little nugget:

A state-wide tribute to former Ohio State University football coach Jim Tressel has been proposed by the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association (OHSFCA).

Solon High School football coach Jim McQuaide proposed this idea to association members for head football coaches through out the state be decked out in a white shirt and tie for Week 1 games. The MZone was able to secure a preview of what Coach McQuaide is planning on wearing when his Comets take the field on August 27th against Shaker Heights.

Why would a group of professional coaches & educators choose to honor a man disgraced by his own dishonesty and disregard for NCAA rules you ask?

The state-wide gesture is to salute Tressel “for all he did to help (the OHSFCA) and high school football while he was the head coach at Ohio State.”

The tribute recommendation was unanimously approved by the members of the Association. The has been no confirmation to the rumor that warned any coach opposing such a stupid idea would be "stuffed in a cooler full of shit".

In other news, another group in the state has climbed up on the bad idea bandwagon. The Ohio Hospital- Newborn Organization (OH-NO) has started a campaign to honor the fallen Buckeye coach and his players. For the rest of the year, OH-NO is recommending that all new born babies get tattoo'd in a show of solidarity and buckeye pride.

According to the group's spokesman, Brutus Griffin Hayes: "We want every little boy and girl born in this football crazy state to know from their earliest memories, where they came from. In these difficult times, we want everyone to bond together and support our poor and misunderstood Buckeye heroes.... and oh yeah... FUCK MICHIGAN"


carl tabb said...

How can 1 state/fanbase be so fucked up? Unbelievable.

Bigasshammm said...

I think this would be great if it came true and Akron Buchtel coach Ricky Powers (M Alum) came out wearing a Maize shirt n tie with a Blue sweater vest.

I would shake his hand.

phil said...

I'm a high school coach in Ohio. Coach Tressel is fully aware of my secret illegal deals at the high school level. What to do.....what to do? I know. I'll participate in a tribute to him hoping his "tell-all" book won't name me and my buddies. (I find it interesting that tUOS has allowed him to resign and not be fired. This action of course came after Tressel's attorney let them know that Tressel would be happy to point fingers and tell secrets. All of a sudden Tressel is their buddy again and now we need to honor him as a hero. How convenient.)

Ramona said...

First off. Can anyone tell me if it's normal for a 14 year old boy to listen to one radio station, exclusively ("The Ticket", whatever the hell..)for hours on end? and, so... getting past that...is it credible that the commentators at "The Ticket" have "sources" at the NCAA who promise that a forthcoming investigation of the SEC will result in sanctions even beyond the level of Tresslegate (which we also aren't done with)?

GoBlueBob said...

Have you heard about the Oh-No bird. It has two distinct characteristics. It lives only in areas with very rocky cliffs and it's testicles hand 12" below its body. Everytime one comes in for a landing you can hear it saying.... "Oh-No,... Oh-No,... Oh-No....."

GoBlueBob said...

He kind of looks like Lou Holtz....

Ramona said...

And Casey Anthoney is in hiding... in Columbus?? Can the news get any more weird?

Dennis said...

Hmm, maybe tha latter half of the story explains why my son is still in the NICU after being born on 6/13. Here I thought it was the fact he was 6 weeks early and is still not eating normally. I guess he is healing up from the tats.

Ramona, my nephew is about the same age as your son and he splits his time between The Fan (ESPN with local guys from 1-8 pm) and WLW out of Cincy. He will listen while running (cross country) but also while just hanging out at his house.

I've heard them mention some of the same rumors here in Columbus, but I wasn't sure if it was legit or a desperate hope to get the spotlight to point somewhere else.

Ramona said...

Best wishes and prayers for your son, Dennis, that he will get better each day!

Dennis said...


Thank you. He will. He just needs to get the whole eating thing down. He is the opposite of his big brother, but Sergei was almost 11 months when we brought him home from the orphange and he was off the bottom of the chart in weight and barely on in height. Kid grew a almost 3/4 of an inch a month for the first 18 months we had him. The thing is he is still (at 8) nothing but muscle and bone.

I did get some funny looks last night when I stopped by the NICU and asked the staff how the tatooing tribute was going.