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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Two-Minute Drill: Tresselgate Edition

Look, we could try to drum up something new, different and non-Tresselgate to put on the MZone.  But if the folks who made THE HANGOVER can simply change the setting from Vegas to Bangkok then regurgitate the exact same movie and call it THE HANGOVER II, then mere bloggers shouldn't be expected to come up with completely new stuff each day either.  Plus, we don't charge $12 bucks and $8 more for popcorn.

And let's be honest, if you're a Michigan fan, The Troubles are the gift that just keep on giving.  So why would you want them to end?  After so many years of misery at the hands (and thrown objects) of those scarlet and grey "fans," I think we all deserve to sit back, relax and enjoy.


I guess I should be shocked by the response of some Buckeye fans who seem to be blaming just about everybody but, you know, the guy who lied/cheated/covered it up.  But I'm not.  It's even to the point where the 21-year-old student reporter who did the Ray Small story for the OSU student newspaper is getting threatened with bodily harm.

WTF?!  Seriously.  YOUR COACH LIED!  Period.  He brought this all upon himself.  Period.  Not Ray Small.  Or Kirk Herbstreit.  Or any reporters.  Jim Tressel is the reason this is all happening.  It's self inflicted.


So leave the 21-year-old econ/journalism major alone and turn your anger at the man who deserves it: Jim Tressel.


If you haven't seen in yet, here is the text of Tressel's letter of resignation that he delivered to OSU's soon to be fired AD Gene Smith:

Dear Gene:

After meeting with university officials, we agreed that it is in the best interest of Ohio State that I resign as head football coach.

The recent situation has been a distraction for our great university and I make this decision for the greater good of our school.

The appreciation that  Ellen and I have for the Buckeye Nation is immeasurable. We have been blessed to work with the finest group of young men in America and we love them dearly. In addition, we cannot thank you enough ... the high school coaches we have worked with over these many years.

We know that God has a plan for us and we will be fine. We will be Buckeyes forever.

Jim Tressel

What a colossal load of shit.  First, he calls what's going on "the recent situation" like he's talking about problems with the office fax machines, not the NCAA hammer coming which he caused the school to be smacked with.

Next, he says, "I make the decision for the greater good of our school."  Oh, that's rich.  If Tressel was so concerned about the greater good of the school, then he'd have turned over the emails last April to his bosses, the compliance department - somebody! - besides Terrelle Pryor's "mentor." If Tressel was so concerned about the school, he wouldn't have hung his school out to dry in December when he knew - he knew! - since the previous spring that it had been going on.

But he didn't. 

Because Jim Tressel was more concerned with the greater good of Jim Tressel and his won-loss record.  All this "he did it to protect the kids" crap is utter BS.  He did it to to protect Jim Tressel.

And, Jim, since you brought up God, I bet God's initial plan for you was not to cheat.  Or lie.  Or cover-up the first two.  In fact, maybe He's not a fan of yours either.  And maybe, just maybe, He led that OSU official to those emails in January that you thought you'd buried for good.  I'm just sayin'.

Finally, and most importantly, it's not "Buckeye Nation."  Tressel has lived long enough now in Columbus to know it's "Buckeye Unincorporated Township."


All you needed to know about Jim Tressel's integrity was revealed long before the infamous March 8th press conference and well before Ohio State stumbled upon the emails in January that he'd been hiding from them for 296 days.  For me, Tressel's decision to let Pryor and the Tat 5 play in the Sugar Bowl said it all.

If Tressel had any integrity, if he cared so much about "molding young men" and "teaching life lessons," then he wouldn't have let Pryor and the others play. 

Maybe it's because Tressel was simply covering his own ass.  Since we now know, despite his bogus claim of "confidentiality," that The Vest discussed the initial emails with Pryor's "mentor" in Pennsylvania, maybe he was worried that if he grew a spine and benched Pryor, his star QB (or his "mentor") might have a story to tell.

Contrast Tressel's gutless call with Bo.  I recall in my youth a player for one of Bo's final teams, I believe, missing curfew in LA by like 15 minutes a couple days before the Wolverines were to play in the Rose Bowl.  Not only did that player not play in the Rose Bowl, he was on a plane back to Detroit the very next day.

Tressel wouldn't know about integrity if it smacked him in the face.

Oh, and speaking of getting smacked in the face, Andy cooked up this little 'Shop dandy...


"Couldn't you at least go out like a man!"


Yesterday, @beckleys who follows our shenanigans on Twitter, sent us this video of a Buckeye fan who was quite enthusiastic when Terrelle Pryor made his decision to play for "University of Ohio State."

Wonder how he feels today?

I know: you couldn't fake a video of a someone who was that, shall we say, stereotypical of a Buckeye fan.


beast in 'bama said...


You might as well take that down, Yost. I know it's like shooting fish, but really...you've been at least as busy these last two weeks as any during the regular season.

And it's a very nice body of work, I must say.

A2saint said...

Great stuff Yost! Is there a Pulitzer awarded for the Blog-o-sphere???

Bigasshammm said...

Someone needs to offer that journalist kid a scholarship to Michigan.

WV:: intat
"In tat we trust"
slogan on OSU's new Tressel dollars they had made up for this season.

David said...

This is absolute gold. Although another Michigan sports related blog gets all the traffic the writing on your site crushes MGoBrian. Keep it up.

phil said...

Yost, we need to send a crack reporter over to MascotMan's mom's basement and see if he's OK.

mike said...

Now would be an awesome time to rehash the Tressel autograph signing session from a few months ago. It might be fun to play a caption contest sort of game with those pics now that the man has ridden off into the sunset.

Ex said...

It must have be nice for U of M fans to have something to celebrate for a change. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Yost said...

Phil, I almost included that vid here, too! Might need to repost that one this week.

surrounded in columbus said...

"enjoy it while it lasts" is an interesting choice of words.

from 1980-2000, tosu had 2 coaches that ran relatively compliant programs- neither Bruce nor Cooper had any major problems w/ the NCAA. and Michigan did just fine on the field against both of those coaches.

then tosu hired a coach w/ an established track record of playing paid players, and tosu's record on the field took off.

when playing by the rules, tosu couldn't compete. they had to cheat to win. and now that's over.

hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

Ex said...

Well put "surrounded." It was the tattoos that the OSU players sold that definitely made the difference every year. It wasn't the fact that your teams sucked, despite all that extra practice. (Or have you forgotten your own NCAA violations.)

Tom C said...

Phil, I wouldn't send my worst enemy to report on Mascotmans crack.

Mikoyan said...

Celebrate for a change? So Ex, just how far back does your memory go? Does it completely blank out the Cooper or Bruce years? Or maybe the fact that Michigan could still lose the next 20 years and Ohio State would tie?

And it is sounding like it is more than tatoos here...but hey, whatever.

And quite frankly, I would have preferred that Ohio State didn't cheat because in the modern BCS championship by style world...you're only as good as your enemy....

Bigasshammm said...

You know I am worried a bit that they may hire RR. I mean who knows better how to make Michigan lose?

gh said...

Kudos to Ex, this blog has been surprisingly low on buckeye trolls of late. Thank you for picking up some slack.

And yes, your comparison of UM unintentionally mis-documenting 15 minutes of time for stretching at practice in 2008-09 is completely the same thing as deliberately ly lying to the NCAA about tattoos, cars, cash, maybe drugs, over the course of an entire decade. I'm sure the NCAA will see it that way too.

You are also correct that for the past 10 years that the tOSU football has been very successful against UM. Fisher/Ellerbe have a vacated 11-1 record against OSU during the years that Chris Webber, Maurice Taylor, Robert Trylor and Louis Bullock were dirty. Perhaps OSU basketball 'just sucked' in 92-93 and 96-99, but you'll be hard pressed to find a legit UM fan who doesn't think that time was shameful and embarassing.

Ex said...

Yes. Ohio State clearly cheated and should be punished but you have you admit your team still sucked pretty badly in recent memory (compared to your usual high standards) or are you hoping that somehow that Appalachian State loss will get vacated by the OSU scandal. As for the Fab Five, It took me about a minute to find some apologists for them.


surrounded in columbus said...

only the dumbest of tosu fans would fail to see that playing ineligible kids creates a competitive advantage. Clarett took cash. if tosu had followed the rules, he shouldn't have been on the field. and if he hadn't played in 2002? no MNC.

Troy Smith took cash. if he doesn't play? 2004, 2005, & 2006 seasons are completely different for tosu & Michigan.

just this year- is someone going to say if Pryor hadn't played in the Sugar Bowl, tosu would have still won?

you'd have to be a complete dumbass to not admit that just one or two of these paid players, who had tosu followed the rules wouldn't have been in uniform, were critical to tosu's success during sweaterboy's tenure. even tosu fans can't be that stupid.