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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not All Buckeyes Are Bad

In an effort to heal the rift and tone down the heated rhetoric flying between Buckeyes and Wolverines in the wake of Tresselgate, Tatgate and Whatever'sComingNextGate, we at the MZone stumbled upon the following picture at Busted Coverage.

The photo hit Ye Old Internet when the MZone was on its extended sabbatical, yet can something like this ever really be called "out of date" or "old news?"  I think not.

Apparently, the girl was spotted in the crowd when GameDay was in C-bus in 2009.

According to the boys at BC, the blonde above is/was an OSU sophomore named Shari (who probably dots her "i" with little smiley faces or hearts depending on her mood).  All we know is that she seems to hate Michigan and loves to pose in her underwear.  We can live with the former due to the later...

See, we're not so different.  And just looking at the photos above makes me dislike OSU less.  I hope it worked for you, too.

Fuck U of M?  Uh...okay!

And yes, there are more pix on the Busted Coverage links above.

You're welcome.


616goblue said...

The journalistic integrity by the Mzone staff continues...Bless you Yost.

surrounded in columbus said...

this is exactly the kind of under cover reporting that made you the man you are today, & the mzone the blog it is.

Yost said...

We give, 616 and SiC. We give. That's what we do.

Mikoyan said...

I wonder if she gives...

Tom said...

So, that girl on the right has "U of M Sucks" with an arrow pointing at her crotch. Since one eats pussy (and there is nothing wrong with that) and one sucks cock, is she saying she has a cock and is really a dude?

Merrick 561 said...

Tom, I don't think thats the case (I'm willing to take one for the team and investigate though), I just think it's more of the fact that in Ohio you don't learn about anatomy until you're Junior year of college.

Tom C said...

Merrik... LMAO.
Sorry, no way in hell!
I have Two sisters with degree's from there, and I don't speak to either one.
On a better note (this for Andy's wife) Go Cocks!