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Friday, June 24, 2011

MZone to do list: add Michelin Man

If you follow Yost's twitter account, you might have noticed our friend (or is that foe?) Tony Gerdman at The OZone got a random tweet directed his way from a disgruntled (and now apparently former) reader. If you don't already follow Tony on Twitter, you should do so. His attention to detail and perspective on anything related to what is happening in Columbus is a great counter weight to what we typically flock to as Wolverine fans. Expand your mind and look at the world from a new angle.

Anyway, back to the tweet... read for yourself:

Keep in mind, nobody at the MZone is a professional web designer or journalist. We have not spent any money on focus groups or market analysis. I am pretty sure T9 (despite her stunning lack of photoshop skills) is the brains and has the highest IQ in the group. I know that Yost has a pretty good sense of humor and is an Oscar worthy video producer. I've been known to chop up and pump out an image or two. So the question needs to be asked: What makes the OZone different from the MZone? and What can we do different to win the hearts and eyeballs of the fine folks at The Gamers Lab? I think I found the answer.... but just in case, here is a screen shot and scorecard to help:


Mikoyan said...

Hmmmm both of your blogs kick my blogs ass on that scorecard.

Michigan Exposures
Tressel Pics :(
Pryor Pics :(
Pics of Semi
Clad Women :(
Michelin Man :( (Does the tire on I-94 count for this though?)
pics of the
Mackinac Bridge :)

phil said...

Wait a minute.......you don't hire focus groups or market analysts? Then why did I just spend a half hour on the phone answering questions from a telemarketer about you, Yost, T9 and MZone? I thought it was odd that the caller ID said "Tressel Family."

Dennis said...

The OZone added comments to their articles a while back and any time they try to be objective and say Tressel was wrong, this tarnsihes accomplishements over the last 10 years, etc. the deluded, yet on their meds enough to be able to type, come out and swear they are leaving. Though I often see the same person posting on the next article they don't like the exact same thing.

Their favorite insult is to tell Tony or Brandon they need to go work for ESPN or SI. In our neck of the woods that is the equivalent of someone telling Yost to go work for the Free Press.