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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Jim Tressel for President!

You're a disgraced football coach.  Forced to resign under an ethics cloud.  Called a liar by the NCAA.  With potentially major violations still to come for the once-proud program you left behind. 

What do you do next?

Politics, naturally!

At least one columnist is saying the coach many called The Cheater The Senator would be a natural fit for public office because it's Ohio and they'd elect a fucking tree stump if it beat Michigan nine times he's "a gifted speaker, he knows the state of Ohio well and would have little trouble raising money."

And while the columnist in the story linked above touts Tressel for a possible U.S. Senate run in Ohio, we say a man with the stones to live such an ethically challenged professional life while putting forth such a holier-than-thou public persona should aim higher. 

As the t-shirt of the fan who had nothing better to do with his life showed up at Tressel's house to support him last weekend said: Jim Tressel for President!

And we at the MZone have just the running mate for Tressel.  Behold, the first spots for Tressel's 2012 campaign.


bigGexpress said...

ESPN is reporting that Pryor is leaving tUOS. I am so glad he didn't come to Michigan.

phil said...

Wait, it is reported that TP is skipping his senior year. How can he skip his senior year when academically, he is still in his freshman year? Oh sure, tell me he has enough credits to be considered anything but a freshman.

surrounded in columbus said...

it's tosu. how much could it take to graduate?