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Monday, June 06, 2011

Buckeye fans keeping Tressel's demise in perspective

Look, I get that OSU fans loved Tressel, if for no other reason than he was 9-1* against Michigan.  But even reasonable Buckeyes (if there is such a thing) have to admit some of their fan base have totally lost it in their defense of a man the NCAA called out for lying.   Seems the more evidence against him, the more they dig in their steel-toed work boots.

Yesterday, I saw a tweet by a Buckette who responded to a comment on one of my tweets by saying this:

Tressel became the fall guy. The Board figured that if Tressel resigned, the penalty against OSU w/b lessen from NCAA

Yes, Tressel became the fall guy for - wait for it - Tressel!  He has no one to blame for this mess but himself.

But my favorite defense of Tressel was the one I saw over the weekend.  I was on Amazon looking up one of The Vest's books for a post idea and stumbled across this review posted after Tressel resigned:

Jim Tressel is a Man of Integrity. People of Integrity expect to be believed and when they are not, they let time prove them right. Even Jesus had players who betrayed Him. (emphasis MZone)

Apparently this insightful reviewer is referring to Judas, who played middle inside linebacker for Jesus's stacked 32 AD team.  As most of you know, Judas thought he was good enough to start but he turned out to be the 12th man on the Apostles that season.  And unfortunately for Judas, back in those days everybody played both ways (ironically, this also made Judas the first documented case of oversigning).

But I kid.  I really do.  Because I think it's perfectly legit to compare the situation of a lying college football coach to, you know, THE LORD.  And anybody who disagrees with me is acting like Hitler.

So the question isn't 'Why would you compare Tressel's situation to that of Jesus?' but rather 'Why wouldn't you?'

Sermon on the Porch: Jim Tressel addresses his flock after they show up at his house

ED. NOTE:  Some will say I've crossed a line in the religious sand with this post.  And maybe I have.  I admit it's pretty risky to use The Almighty in a comedic post about college football.  Especially when we all know the only respectful way to bring up the Lord's name is when equating His divine story to that of a disgraced former college football coach in an Amazon review.

The Life of Tressel: OSU fans always look on the bright side

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Adam said...

Haha well done! Very funny and original post. Good work, Yost.

Shorty the Beachcomber said...

"Tressel is full of shit, when you look at it.
Ohio's a laugh and their demise is a joke, it's true."

The life of Jim Bob Tressel, classic.

pacman said...

The optomistic few in C-bus are singing along to this...


Todd not Boeckman said...

I'm in mourning how this all broke out, but THAT was funny. At least the first picture. The second was was...disturbing.

Yes Jim has only himself to blame. And since as more and more comes out, it looks like there may not be anymore sanctions on the Tat5, I take solace that your D is still to far behind the 8ball to deal with Pryor. Which explains why the trolls from up here keep coming down and agitating for him to be kicked off the team.

Yost said...

TnB, check out pacman's link in comment above to explain second pic. I knew we were going out on a limb w/ the 2nd pic b/c the point of reference was so old. But what the heck.

As for Pryor, do you think most OSU fans even want him back?

Finally, re: more sanctions, I really think that remains to be seen. If it is true that players were selling stuff/getting free tats, etc. as far back as the SI.com article indicated, then I think they're going to get hammered. And I still find it hard to believe that people (ie the families of OSU fball players) were crossing state lines all to visit one used car dealer b/c his deals were so good - but not too or extra special for football players and their families.

In any event, always appreciate an opposing, non-bomb throwing viewpoint here, especially during this time.

surrounded in columbus said...

the "car thing" is going to be a problem for them. as the Dispatch reported very quietly last week, tosu's own compliance people have been citing their own program as inadequate since 2006-

so, regardless of what various lawyers for players say to the press, the institution's lack of control over the situation seems pretty obvious.

what i think will be interesting is to watch for the tosu fans to eventually turn on Sweaterboy. there's a familiar pattern to this- same thing happened w/ Clarett. first, he was victim of an NCAA witch hunt and everything was someone else's fault (this was when they first started to turn on Herbstreit- he had interviewed Clarett on game day while Clarett was suspended- Clarett got into deeper trouble and everyone blamed Herbstreit for interviewing him!). do you remember the "Free Maurice" tee shirts? then, we it became clear that Clarett wasn't ever going to play for them again, and that he was making them look bad? they turned on him like a pack of dogs.

so, i wonder if it will be the same w/ Sweaterboy. right now, as a group, they're in denial about how "bad" it all is. and there is a very optimistic theme that since they've fired Tre$$el now, the NCAA is just going to go away and not do anything else. if & when they do get hit w/ additional sanctions? and the cause of those sanctions are laid at Sweaterboy's feet? there may be another march on his. this time w/ torches & pitch forks.

should be entertaining.

SierraSpartan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Crock said...

As I was in church yesterday morning listening to a sermon about David, I couldn't help but think on this situation.
The pastor was speaking of integrity and using phrases like, "what you do in the dark, will come out in the light" & those who use the Lord's name to better themselves, using deception, will be brought to justice.
So, as a believer, my biggest issue with Tressel has been his stance as a Christian. (is that judgmental of me? yes.) I've seen so many believers come out in defense of this guy and expecting Tressel's willingness to admit his error(s) and move on. Yet, with his "kick their a@@" comment - I wonder where his faith is now?
How on earth do people still see him as a pillar of character?

Shorty the Beachcomber said...

Just wanted to vent about what I've been seeing out of ESPN.

Analyst (and former Buckeye) Cris Carter was on TV today sporting a University of Alabama coaching polo. I thought that as a supposed somewhat objective analyst that wearing one brand was overtly prejudiced and extremely biased, and therefore not ethical. Of course, Carter is doing this to pimp for Nick Saban as he lobbies to get his son (Carter jr.) into Alabama, as the kid failed out of Ohio State (even with all the academic "perks" they get at Tuos).

Mike and Mike are both ND fans, and Golic's kid plays there, yet I never see him wearing ND stuff (not that I ever watch them, really). Even Herbie doesn't wear Bucks gear on the air (though he pimps out his kids).

It is my opinion that in an attempt to boost his son's "career," Carter has stooped to a new low, even for Buckeyes. ESPN shouldn't allow that trash out of their employees; but when Sportscenter is produced by a buckeye these days, low is what we can expect. No wonder ESPN has really fallen off from where it used to be, a long time ago.

Ex said...

Way to stay on topic, shorty.

phil said...

How can Ohio State's compliance department fault the players when they themselves went to the same auto dealer for the deal of a lifetime? Oh yeah, tell me they didn't.

Todd not Boeckman said...

Since you are in the heart of God's town ;) , and I am stuck in Rust City (Cleveland), you may know more than me. but, my informants from down there are saying that in the end the car things may not be what the foaming mouths (trolls and unprofessional journalists) are leading the nation to believe.

Certainly the article on SI, regardless what award the author has earned in the past, is rapidly falling apart because the majority of the allegations in it are from disgruntled former personnel, or convicted liars and criminals. Once a witness claims a specific player definitely traded memorabilia for tats only for that player to come out and show a) he has no tats and b) his Dad can produce ALL his memorabilia; that witness is pretty much worthless.

Add to that the unprofessional, if somewhat understandable, gloating on twitter by the author and I think, people may be shocked at how little more comes out of the subsequent violations. Of Tressel can stray from his normal behavior to expedite a result, so can old Georgie boy.

Yost, as a MP and the Holy Grail fan, I should've recognized that. But I have never seen the Life of Brian in its entirety. Its still a disturbing picture. LOL.

surrounded in columbus said...

did you read the Dispatch article on the car thing? when your own compliance people spend 5 years telling you that you aren't in compliance? it's everything it's said to be.

surrounded in columbus said...

So Pryors out. They're already going "Clarett" on him on talk radio. NOW its a party!

Todd not Boeckman said...

Breaking news:
Terrel Pryor announced he is foregoing his senior year. let the Braxton Miller era begin.

The Audit of the compliance Dept goes back to before this clusterfrack started. They realized that they were not up to their own internal standards. Remember that tOSU self reports player farts. I don't remember the number, but tOSU basically has always been so fanatical about self reporting that the NCAA even said they over report. They like double most teams in the B10. Now I realize that this is the perfect straight line for the bashers, but taken in context, it is still believed within the University Administration that tOSU will end up no where near USC type sanctions. Completely different animals.

Todd not Boeckman said...

As much of a fan as I am of my University, I am not a fan of many of the fans. The more ignorant members of that group tend to be the loudest.

Thanks you Terrel. Good Luck.

Yost said...

TnB, as always, I welcome your comments here.

surrounded in columbus said...

yes, it does pre date this mess. which means this problem pre dates the tats & cash fiasco.

also, yes, the compliance boys noted they had a shortcoming. at least twice in 5 years. and you know what? as of this May? the problem still hadn't been corrected.

sorry, but that's bad, not good.

John said...

Woody 7:1-9 foretold of this: And the almighty buckeye said, "Betray me with a tat Pryor?"