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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

USC loses appeal, sphincters tighten at Tosu

According to ESPN, the NCAA infractions appeals committee has notified USC that all penalties and findings against it have been upheld.

If I wasn't a football coach,
I'd be a motorcycle cop
USC claimed in its appeal that the penalties were excessive.  Yeah, well, so were USC actions during the Carroll years.

The Trojans will lose 30 scholarships over the next three years, won't be eligible to play in this year's Pac-12 title game or a bowl game, and upperclassmen can still transfer to any 1-A school without having to sit out a year as is the norm.  According to USC head coach Lane Kiffin, this last penalty amounts to "free agency."

Seriously, Lane?  Wow.  Takes a giant set of stones calling this penalty "free agency" considering the way you treated your commitment to Tennessee.  Huge set.

The rejection of USC's appeal doubly sucks for Kiffin and crew as I seem to recall they had been recruiting normally, hoping the NCAA would lighten the penalty load.


And I can't imagine they're feeling too good in C-bus upon hearing this news, either.

The NCAA president recently said they're going to crack down harder on cheaters.  With the mighty Trojans unable to get a better deal upon appeal, one has to think the NCAA isn't going to let Tosu and Tressel get off by letting The Vest simply miss a couple meaningless early season games that they'd win even if they let Woody's corpse call the plays (and don't even bother bringing up the meaningless "fine" assessed against Tressel).

Yes, it's going to be a sweaty summer in C-bus.

UPDATE: Former Tous receiver Ray Small said he sold Big 10 rings for cash and got special car deals.  


surrounded in columbus said...

walking from the parking garage, standing in line at the coffee shop, & then riding in the elevator up to the office- all in the space of 15 minutes this a.m.- i over heard at least 4 separate conversations rehashing the USC sanctions and the likely implications for tosu.

gonna be a long summer for some people.

phil said...

-tUOS has tons of talent.
-we'll still be Big Ten champs.
-the sanctions don't mean anything.
-we didn't cheat like Michigan.
-everyone is just jealous of us.
-why can't players sell things that they own?
-tressel was just trying to be a father to the boys.
-everybody does it.
-*uck Michigan.
(did I forget anything?)

surrounded in columbus said...

9-1 bitches!

otherwise, a complete list.

Bigasshammm said...

Just got a message on my phone that Ray Smalls gave an interview where he received benefits from memorabilia and cars

I feel like being the Koolaid guy and bursting through a wall shouting "Oh Yeah!"

surrounded in columbus said...

the story itself isn't particularly new or informative:


but that the Lantern, tosu's student paper, would run it? or that any former tosu player, even one as disgruntled as Small, would say this?

that's new & informative, in & of itself.

Yost said...


Outstanding list, although you did leave out any slurs associated with sexual orientation. I just assume that implied.

Yost said...

And shouldn't it now be "9-1*, bitches!"?

surrounded in columbus said...

have to admit that i'm not really sure how you punctuate that one...

where's Sru when you need him? probably took a class on that while at tosu.

Andy said...

Speaking of Sru.. does anyone else think it has been awfully quiet around here lately. What will it take for us to hear from our normal Tosu contributors?

surrounded in columbus said...

not much, Andy. tosu will likely go 4-1/5-0 to start the season. all of this will roll off of them like water off of a duck's back once they post a couple of wins.

if this whole fiasco has shown anything, it's that the vast majority of tosu fans don't really care about anything other than the football team's W-L record. everything else- the school's reputation as an educational institution, their administration's reputation for integrity, and their over all standing in anyone else's opinion- all pale in comparison to the W-L record.

mike said...

give tosu the same as SMU -

Mikoyan said...

Did you just say normal in the same sentence with tOSU contributor?