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Monday, May 09, 2011

To Ohio State, Integrity is Garbage

Over the weekend, got the following email from our pal SiC who, sadly, lives in C-bus:
Taking the wife to a concert @ Value City Arena. Swear to gawd as you walk in they have a tosu trash can with "integrity" posted on it. Had to take a pic.

As SiC said in a follow up email, you can't make this stuff up if you tried!  

Ohio State trashes its integrity

Caption contest, anyone?

UPDATE: Our pal Mikoyan did a little 'Shop to the pic and...


surrounded in columbus said...

couldn't help but notice your response to Sru's pissy twitter about a michigan blog talking about an opponent, instead of cheering for your own team.

so, a guy who trolls a michigan blog to make snarky, anti michigan, pro tosu comments thinks it's bad form for that michigan blog to post comments on tosu?

i guess that proves he's not really familiar w/ the meaning of the word "irony"?

this site has always thrived on "funny".

and like it or not? this stuff is funny.

srudoff said...

wasn't pissy - was totally tongue in cheek

some people don't need slapstick to understand funny

guess you're in the slapstick boat

surrounded in columbus said...

i'll take the Stooges over Seinfield any day.

phil said...

The trash can is totally appropriate and accurate......
tUOS has thrown Integrity into the trash.

(i shouldn't still be shocked but I am really bewildered at Tressel's lack of judgement concerning all of this mess. That sweatervest / Mr. Rogers appearance can really fool you.)

surrounded in columbus said...

that's the part that's most entertaining, IMO.

the guy writes flippin' books about integrity & "doing things the right way"; he is a regular on the pseudo tent revival lecture circuit, giving inspirational speeches.

and when no one is watching, he's doing things Barry Switzer wouldn't do.

it's like an ancient Greek morality play.

Worm said...

Jim Tressel "There it is guys!!!! See I told you we had Integrity around here some where!!"

Jim Tressel press confernce

Reporter 1. "Tressel do you have any comments on the Integrity situation?"

Tressel "I dont know which player is driving that car! Integrity? Is that a Chrysler??"

Mikoyan said...

Don't know if you guys have seen this link or not:

Yost said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DJ said...

our apologies, email me dustin@moesportshops.com and we will get this straightened out.

Yost said...

Just emailed you via FB, D. It's all good. Thanks again for your quick response.

huck said...

Ugh, apparently our marketing department is as on the ball as our compliance department.

Go Bucks ... preferably in a direction out of this mess.

Mikoyan said...

A quick photoshop later...


Kristi said...

I hear Cottonelle is starting to make toilet paper out of Tressel's vests. It's soft, UM fans can wipe their a** with it and OSU can wipe their face with it. It's good for all!