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Friday, May 20, 2011

Things only people in Ohio would do to their bodies

Every now and then, one of our readers sends us something so perfect for the MZone, we can't get it up on the site fast enough.

Case in point is the pic below from Jon (aka @MonkeyWrench32 on Twitter).  It's one of those reader submissions for which a mere "HT" or simple "Thank you" hardly seems adequate. 

Actually, it was difficult even typing the "Thank you" above.  You know, due to the coffee still coating the keyboard and computer screen after the spit-take.


I Ohio Ohio?
I know what you're thinking: Somebody did this to their body?!  On purpose?!

This tattoo is so egregiously bad, I'd almost think it's some photoshopped fake. But we are talking about Ohio. And they do have, shall we say, a "thing" for their tattoos there.  Although, even if it was free like most tattoos in C-bus, this dude (I hope it's a dude) got ripped off.

ED. NOTE:  It took me a couple viewings of "I Ohio Ohio," but I just realized I wasn't looking at someone's belly.   I kept thinking as I looked at the picture, Maybe this is fake.  I don't see the belly button.  Where the hell is belly bu-- Ohmygod.

And yet "I Ohio Ohio" is only a mere appetizer to the humdinger below I stumbled upon while working on this post.  Take a gander at "Ohio, Bloody Ohio."

And this one I know is real because there's a video of it getting done. 

Yes, America, somebody is walking around with that on their body.  Who, you ask?  According to the tattoo website where I saw it, "This bloody ohio tattoo was done on my good friend Tara at this years Hell City in Killumbus, Ohio."

Yep.  A woman in Ohio.



beast in 'bama said...

Please pass the eye bleach this way when you're done. Thanks!

TitleIX said...

At least they got the spelling right....

beast in 'bama said...

Poor Danny: always the last one chosen for charades and pictionary...

MonkeyWrench32 said...

You're most welcome, Yost. When I saw that over at UgliestTattoos.com I just had to show you guys.

So when he farts, does he blame the air pollution on the West Virginia coal industry?

Pete said...

Anyone know the best way to get vomit out of a keyboard?

Bigasshammm said...

And you wonder why I'm a Michigan fan?

Mikoyan said...

The ass is actually a perfect place for an Ohio tatoo.

And on the second one, are they trying to say that Ohio is a rotting, festering corpse that should be reclaimed by the earth so that we can start again?

surrounded in columbus said...

you need to put this perspective- if that's what either of these young lady's backside looks like? you might not wanna see the front.

this just might be their good "side".

phil said...

After seeing this, the Rapture can't come fast enough.

surrounded in columbus said...

yeah, 6:00 p.m. tomorrow can't hit ohio soon enough!

bigGexpress said...

I too thought it was a belly at first.