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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ohio votes to allow sports fans to arm themselves

So I'm watching the Colbert Report and he did a segment on a recently passed bill in the Ohio Senate that allows "concealed carry permit holders to carry weapons into bars, restaurants, and open-air sports stadiums serving alcohol."

Yes, you read that correctly: apparently somebody thinks it's a good idea to allow the friendly folks who fill the Horseshoe each Saturday to arm themselves.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong allowing passionate Buckeye fans to bring guns to the games?

Ohio: Where ideas are born...then get shot in the face by some asshole at a football game.



surrounded in columbus said...

tsk. tsk. you're missing the point- now Michigan fans will be allowed to arm themselves!

nothing stops a tosu fan from throwing a beer can of piss at someone quite like the sight of a loaded pistol....

Mikoyan said...

I wish I could remember the character names but all I can think of is the scene in 1941 with that guy and Eddie Deezen.

"They gave him a gun....."

whetstonebuck said...

Some folks just need killin'.

phil said...

All the tUOS players have guns and now they can sell them to their fans to raise money for more tats.

Bigasshammm said...

They don't serve alcohol in the Shoe so therefore it doesn't apply. It will be nice to see though that at an Indians or Browns game instead of throwing snowballs and ice they'll just throw lead!

Yost said...


Is the new bill only aimed at places that do serve alcohol? Or are places that serve alcohol simply added to the venues where one can carry a gun?

B/c if it's aimed only at places that that serve booze, that's even worse. B/c I can think of NOTHING that goes together better than guns and alcohol.

Yost said...

PS SiC, do you know the answer to the above?

Andy said...

Not everybody's the perfect person in the world. I mean everyone kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me, whatever.

Bigasshammm said...

It says in the article that it allows peopel to carry in "open air stadiums that serve alcohol." So I take that as it still doesn't allow them in non alcohol serving stadiums. So college stadiums should be ok. But yes Yost I agree this is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Although it says that anyone with a concealed carry who is actually packing in one of these places and then drinks is committing a felony. But how are they going to enforce that? And who's to keep the drunken idiots from knocking out the guy with the gun and using it themselves? Dumb.

surrounded in columbus said...

Ohio has had a CCW law for years (adopted maybe 6-8 years ago). the law had two major caveats-

first, it let private businesses "opt out". almost every major commercial center (walmart, kroger, etc) has a sign on the door notifying patrons that they can't bring their concealed weapon on to the premises.

second, the law banned concealed weapons in bars (places serving alcohol) whether the owners wanted to let you or not.

what this version passed by the Senate does is allow CCW holders to take their weapons into bars, like any other private establishment. bar owners will be allowed to opt out- and post a sign on their door saying they don't want you entering w/ your weapon. but bar owners who don't object, like any other business owner, can elect to allow it.

in reality, this won't change much of the existing system. most chains & establishments in urban areas will simply elect to privately ban concealed weapons. a handful of places may decide to allow them.

it's still pretty funny stuff, though.

bigGexpress said...

Wait a minute.......tell me this is tongue in cheek. You cannot be serious. This is a joke right? Everyone except me is in on this?

huck said...

Two other points to add to SiC's:

First, you can only carry in a bar under the new law if you are not drinking. If you carry under the influence you will lose your CCW.

Second, The Shoe is on campus so you cannot carry there under federal law (I would imagine under state law as well but I am not sure on that and don't care to dig through the ORC).