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Thursday, May 26, 2011

MZone exclusive: Ray Small goes to class

OSU fans react to Small breaking Columbus Code of Omerta
Rings, cars, tattoos, exclusive discounts, extra cash??

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... old news for the Ohio State Football program these days. The real shocking story out of Columbus this morning is the fact that Ray Small is actually attending classes, something he very rarely did when he was a member of the football team. In fact, we here at the MZone have obtained an exclusive image of Ray Small going to class this morning.

According to the Ohio State Student newspaper The Lantern:

In his four years in scarlet and gray, Small – who is back at OSU pursuing a degree in sociology – totaled 61 receptions for 659 yards and three touchdowns. He returned a fourth-quarter punt 69 yards for a touchdown to seal a 26-14 victory against Ohio University on Sept. 6, 2008. Small spent time on the practice squads of the Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins.

In case you have not seen the story with the other boring stuff about program wide rules violations and omnipresent buckeye discounts, check it out here. As you are reading this, keep in mind: the NCAA rules are stupid, everyone is doing it, you are just jealous, these kids are poor and need tattoos & nice cars, Jim Tressel loves his players and was just trying to protect them, and Michigan sucks.


TitleIX said...

Hmmm...perhaps his Mom let him jump off of cliffs too? You know, cuz e'rebody was doin' it

Ramona said...

Much as I am GREATLY appreciating the entire Tresslegate thread... as a Mom, my heart goes out to Tate Forcier and I hope he can overcome whatever is troubling him.