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Friday, May 27, 2011

Brandon envisions 120K in Big House, name change to Really Fucking Big House

Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon said further expansion at The Big House could lead to a capacity of 120,000 people.  Brandon said nothing is definite and it all depends on if the wait list for tickets gets large enough and it's affordable for the school.

According to the Detroit News story linked above:

"One thing I'd love to do is close in at least one of the ends," Brandon said. "The south end of the stadium is the place we would start.

"If we were to take the bleacher system up to the top of the (new) scoreboards, which would be even with the elevation of the east and west towers … it would take the total capacity of the stadium up close to 119,000, maybe 120,000." 

Not exactly sure how I feel about that.  Part of me is like "cool" while another part wonders is another 10,000 bodies inside the stadium (and their cars outside the of it) a good thing?  A what point does it start to negatively affect the gameday experience?

My biggest beef is that no matter how big the stadium gets, the ticket prices will continue into the stratosphere.  I think it sucks ass to know that even if they were to squeeze a million people in there, they'd still continue to charge folks $70 - plus the @#$% seat license fee! - to see Michigan sodomize EMU.

This actually reminds me of an old post and picture on The Onion entitled...

University of Michigan Expands Michigan Stadium to Seat Everyone in Michigan

No longer sure if that belongs on The Onion or instead the front page of the Detroit News circa 2046.


phil said...

Yost, read between the lines, man. As the Michigan program becomes wildly successful and the tUOS program slides into obscurity, their douchebag fan base (who only cares about being a part of a winning anything) will glom onto our success and fill our stadium. Extra seats are the answer. Let's take their money. Sure it will cost a little extra to hire pest control to spray down all the lice, worms, etc. they bring to the stadium but as long as they go back to the sewer that is Ohio after the game, who cares?

Bigasshammm said...

Ticket prices are a joke. Combined with gas your average M fan (me) cant afford to even see them bludgeon a miniscule MAC team. I was on the waiting list but I don't know if you had to reapply every year or what but I havent gotten an email in years. Guess I'll watch from my living room this season.

Mikoyan said...

I was going to try to make it to a few games this year but not after they tacked on about 20 bucks a game. I realize that it has been a few years since they have raised prices but still. I will definitely go see them beat up on my Alma Mater (EMU) and will try to make one more (probably the evil ones from the Oletangy River) but definitely not as many games as last year.

Oh yeah, as I was passing through Lincoln on the Zephyr, the stadium there was lit up like a cathedral beckoning the masses.

James said...

Bigasshammm - If you can't afford to attend even one game, why would you want to be on the waiting list for season tickets?

Bigasshammm said...

Because if I can get season tickets then I can convince the wife into making them a yearly part of the tax return budget. Something I've not been able to do.
Sell the tickets to the games you don't want to attend and you recoup some of the money as well.