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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Michigan - 2, North Dakota - 0

wow, Wow, WOW!

Shawn Hunwick - a former walk-on whose story will go down as one of the great Michigan sports stories of all time in any sport - stops 40 shots as Meeeeechigan advances to the NCAA hockey championship game against Minnesota-Duluth on Saturday.

What a game!  What a team!


Hail Hunwick!

Oh, and to this jackhole...

Your team lost and you have to go back to North Dakota. Ouch.

Bottom pic HT: @EDSBS


Mikoyan said...

In a dark corner of the Internet...


surrounded in columbus said...

little goalies RAWK!

Bigasshammm said...

That was a hell of a game. Between the announcers blowing ND at every chance they could and the refs seemingly listening to the announcers and never calling a penalty on ND it seemed M was in for a rough going. Hunwick was OUTSTANDING and the rest of the D was pretty damn tough as well. I pretty much stood the entire 3rd period in my living room. There's something about Michigan sports that makes the beer flow like oxygen.

Worm said...

Shawn Hunwick,the little goalie that could.


bigGexpress said...

As a huge hockey fan (not at all an authority on the sport) this is the best 1-0 game I have ever seen. I'm calling it 1-0 in lieu of the late empty netter. What a freakin' effort, seriously. Finish it tomorrow boys. I mean wow! What a great effort.