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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Is Tressel staff member now voting on hoops, too?

Remember the story of the "miscommunication" between Tosu coach Jim Tressel and some assistant who allegedly took it upon himself to change The Vest's USA TODAY Coaches' Poll ballot?

To recap: at his media luncheon leading up to the September 2006 showdown between top ranked Texas and second ranked Ohio State, The Vest told reporters he had voted Texas #1 on his USA TODAY ballot.  But he was exposed as being, shall we say, "less than accurate with the facts" when USA TODAY revealed Tressel's ballot actually had the Buckeye's #1, not Texas.  That's when Tosu's Director of Player Development came forward and said he took it upon himself to change his boss' ballot and put Ohio State in the top slot.  You know, because that's what Directors of Player Development do.

Well, lo and behold, the Buckeyes again find themselves in a controversial Coaches' Poll balloting situation, this time on the hoops side.  But apparently no Tosu coaches were involved, or so we're to believe.

As you all know, Monday night UConn won the NCAA basketball title in a contest even uglier and more deserving of mass walkouts than a Charlie Sheen one man show in Motown.  But when the final USA TODAY Coaches' Poll ballot was released on Tuesday, UConn only garnered 30 of the 31 possible first place votes.

So who got the lone non-UConn first place vote?  You guessed it: THE Ohio State Ugottabekiddingme.  The same OSU team that lost not in the championship game, not in the Final Four, not in the Elite Eight, but in the Sweet 16 - a number slightly larger than, well, 1.

But this time Tressel and his staff have an alibi: Northern Arizona's coach, Mike Adras, claimed he voted the Bucks #1 on his ballot "based on their entire body of work during the season."  As of press time, the MZone is checking into Adras' medical condition and looking into whether or not he has any tattoos.



Catie said...

Isn't there some type of connection with tOSU, Arizona and the Fiesta Bowl problems? Just sayin......

phil said...

And all of a sudden Mike Adras is sporting some brand new Tats and I think we all can guess who paid for those.

Dennis said...

Maybe he is trying to get a foot in the door if Matta leaves?