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Monday, April 11, 2011

Hockey Healing

Phil reminded us in a comment today that, if any time deserved - nay, required - a healing pic (or more), it's right after losing the hockey national championship in OT

So while this won't erase The Pain, we humbly offer the photos below as but as a first step in the road to recovery.


Ryan said...

penguins fans don't help the hurt...

Yost said...

While normally I would agree, Ryan, I'd have to say the two in the pic in this post do.

gh said...

As a penguins fan, all three have helped me get over Saturday's game and look forward to upcoming games. For that, I thank you.

(I am hopeful to not need any further healing pictures in the coming weeks.....probably wishful thinking, but crazy runs do happen).

surrounded in columbus said...

so, how many times did you have to look at the pics before you realized they were Penguin fans?

anyone answering less that they noticed in less than 6 reviews should probably reassess their priorities.

i'm not saying. i'm just saying.

Yost said...

I'm with you, SiC. I didn't see "penguins fans," I saw just two very happy women enjoying a moment. And it took me, oh, about 368 views before I realized there were also articles of clothing in the picture that would add to the above-mentioned basic knowledge I gathered during the first 367 views.

phil said...

thanks -feeling better

and speaking of PENQUINS, try this:


Stacey said...

Hey Yost, how about throwing a bone to the faithful female readers and staunch M hockey fans?? We could use a dose of healing ourselves!

616goblue said...

As a single, successful guy that is often around very attractive women (something that Yost, Andy, T9, BAH and GoBlueBob can attest) so I did indeed notice the horrific Penguins logo in that third picture. Apparently my normal is seeing two attractive women providing comfort to each other. I mean this past weekend I was at an anniversary party of a woman's 29th birthday and witnessed several hot moms talk about who the best doctor is in town to get an augmentation done. The two that had theirs done by different doctors were checking out whose felt more natural.


Bigasshammm said...

Having no NHL team in my vicinity (Ha Blue Jackets no thank you) I feel no particular pull one way or another to any team. That said I have absolutely no problem with the Pens fans highlighted here. I only wish more fans would support their team in such a fashion.

Bigasshammm said...

Anyone forget there's a spring game in 2 days?
Haven't seen a thing about it here.

GoBlueBob said...

Hammm.... We will be in Ann Arbor at 5:30am with several folks from our tailgate group and will be going to the game. 616 may join us. Come on up if you can.

Bigasshammm said...

Not gonna happen. I tried to see if the wife would let me or would want to go and no dice. As it is I'll be working at 4am on Saturday.


With ticket prices as high as they are now and gas prices it may be a long time till we get to another game. Kinda ridiculous that it would cost us over 300 dollars for two of us to go to a game now and come home the same day.

Yost said...


Sadly, real life has intruded for Andy and me, hence the unacceptable number of postings of late.

Bigasshammm said...

That happens.

Spring game on TV at all? I know BTN played it last year albeit taped but I haven't heard anything this year.

Bigasshammm said...

The defense lost in the Spring Game. I feel some healing is in order.

Mikoyan said...

I have a feeling my game going this year may be greatly curtailed from last year. The game I'm sure I want to go to is the Eastern game even though I can pretty much guess the outcome. I want to try to make it to either the ND, Neb or TSIO game though. But I have a feeling Nebraska is going to be a tough ticket to get.