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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Et tu, Herbie?


John said...

So even if Tressel is fired, are UM fans excited about the alternative?? Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops? The days of OSU getting a John Cooper are over.

Yost said...

While I agree they'll get a great coach, John, I also think they're going to get some sanctions (ie loss of some scholarships) that will make things a bit harder than they've been for OSU.

whetstonebuck said...


O how the mighty have fallen.

Andy said...


You never know.

When Cooper was hired... he WAS a great coach. Everyone in Columbus was singing and dancing because he had already "owned" Michigan in the Rose Bowl while at Arizona State.

Do you really think that Stoops would leave Oklahoma for Ohio State? I can't see that happening. OU is so much of a better job than OSU right now.

The next coach at Ohio State is going to be Mark Dantonio. And yes, that will make me giddy.

Bigasshammm said...

I don't see Stoops or Meyer going to OSU anytime soon. Local radio has also thrown out Gruden's name but there's also no way on that. What they're worried happens is if they don't fire him RIGHT NOW then what are they going to be left with? They can't wait till the hearing and fire him in August 3 weeks before the season starts and they also can't wait and fire him midseason. They will probably ride out his suspension and have to cut ties at the end of the season. Even if the NCAA suspends him the entire season he is now marked so they will have no choice.

John said...

Just like UM has "Michigan Men," OSU will go after someone who understands "The Game." Cooper never got that, he's not an Ohio guy. He's a great coach, but he never got that the whole season is to prepare for Michigan. Stoops and Meyer are Ohio guys, they get that just like Tressel. Gruden is a BIG stretch, he's not going to coach college. Heck, I don't think Gruden would take a job anywhere that it could potentially snow NFL or otherwise.

I think OSU will ride this out with Tressel, unless they know they can get Meyer. I agree Stoops is a stretch, OU is a great gig, but hometown can have a sway, unless your Les Miles. Hoke has 3 years until his system with his players are in place, by that time the sanctions are over.

surrounded in columbus said...

not to nit pick, but the last time tosu hired a "big name" coach, it WAS Cooper. he was a big success at ASU.

Sweaterboy? he was as big of a reach as Hoke (maybe more so). Stoops turned Geiger down- flat- in 2001. wouldn't even interview. as did all the big name coaches at that time.

when they introduced Sweaterboy after a generally inglorious search, the over all reaction was "who?". unless you followed I-AA ball, pretty much nobody had heard of him.

obviously, his win- loss record since has been impressive. but at the time, he was NOT an impressive hire.

and unless Meyer had decided to unretire after a year (which is possible- the guy is a flake- great coach, but a flake), tosu won't likely hire anyone else anymore impressive. Danfonio would likely be the ceiling for an "established" coach already at a BCS program.

doesn't mean the next guy won't be a success (he will, after all, be coaching against Hoke) but very doubtful he's anything but another "who?" pick, again.