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Friday, March 18, 2011

Wallpaper Friday: March Madness-slash-Michigan/Tennessee Open Thread

Go Blue! Beat Tennessee.


Michigan - 75
Tennessee - 45


Dennis said...

Good luck today. I'm one of those who likes to see anyone from the B1G win as long as they aren't playing us. Even you guys. Was disappointed, but not surprised, by PSU and their Land Grant Trophy Rival yesterday.

Working today so I'll be getting scores sporadically.

Yost said...

I'm the same way, Dennis. Always rooting for the B1G as well. Makes us all look better.

Dennis said...

And you guys are looking good, Yost. Saw close halftime score and now 19-2 run for the first 7 minutes.

Not sure about the ethics of putting a clear plastic lid over their rim, but the results are undeniable.

Andy said...

Invisible clear bubble? Victory via superior engineering.

I guess the athletic dominance of the SEC only translates into a few sports.

Dennis said...

I guess Bruce Pearl was spending too much time on Theladders.com and not enough on game planning. He made the AD's job easier. Good luck Sunday against, I assume, Duke.

phil said...


surrounded in columbus said...

i dunno. i don't think we made a single free throw (0-1) the whole game.

that doesn't bode well.

(this is a Michigan blog- if you can't tell people to use their seats, or bitch about the play calling, you have to be creative).

GoBlueBob said...

Had not planned to leave a comment but had to when I saw the WV.

WV = asole (anyone who cannot figure this out is one)

bigGexpress said...

Let's see if this team can do what the "fab five" couldn't. BEAT DUKE!!

Steve said...

Q: A U-M kid and an OSU kid are in first grade; which one is taller?

The Ohio State kid: he's 18 years old.

Dennis said...

You played them close. Just out of curiosity, which is worse, losing close like that or losing like OSU did against Sienna last year, or Purdue against VCU. I think I would prefer the latter. Yes, it is embarrassing, but I'm not a big one for moral victories and being that close hurts. Losing a game you shouldn't isn't great either, but I don't find myself torturing myself over those loses.

I'm really not looking forward to you guys next year.

Bigasshammm said...

I despise losing by 2 points. I'd rather they get blown out by 15 plus. Losing by two just makes you think why didnt we win?
I almost wish he'd have kicked it out for a game winning 3 try instead of driving to the hoop for the tie.

Oh well they were way better than advertised. Lets hope the same rings true for football.