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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Vest's Emails at the Heart of Tresselgate

So, how damaging (or not) are the emails at the center of the Tresselgate controversy swirling in C-bus?

You be the judge.

Below, in chronological order, are the emails between head coach Jim "Not Quite So Teflon" Tressel and an unnamed attorney from last April and June.  The emails - with portions blocked out - were released by Tosu officials at the press conference yesterday.


Catherine (Catie) said...
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Catie said...

You know what I hear from the tOSU trolls...........Crickets...........hee hee

Mikoyan said...

Not a great photoshop:

Andy said...

I want to be the first here to acknowledge that when the news of RR and Michigan having NCAA practice time issues, Jim Tressel was the first to come out and "support" us.

I honestly think is a great football coach and has done unbelievable things at Ohio State.

That being said... this whole thing blows my mind. How in the hell does that 'university' make a decision to retain him as head football coach?

1) After 25 years in the profession, he knows the rules
2) He was clearly informed that several of his players were breaking the rules
3) He made the decision to not tell anyone and let those players play
4) He lied in December when the story became public and let the players get punished
5) He convinced those players to forgo the opportunity to become real professional football players in exchange for playing in the bowl game
6) Only after he was personally outed, did he admit he did something wrong

For this, he has to miss the Toledo and Akron games and pay a fine that is equal to about 7% of his documented salary (250K of 3.5M).


Andy said...
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Andy said...
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Andy said...
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Bigasshammm said...

It all makes me believe that he's not really the one in charge there. Either way how the hell do they get off without a major NCAA investigation? Michigan gets 2 years probation or whatever for minor practice things and OSU gets suspensions for a few meaningless games What a crock of shit.

Todd not Boeckman said...


tOSU has had a very good relationship with the NCAA over the years...dating back to your favorite; John Cooper. In fact, when your little brother tried to throw Cooper under the bus on an accusation, the NCAA report actually read that they wished more schools ran their compliance department the way tOSU runs theirs and gave Ohio State a clean bill of health. I'm not sure what the accusation was anymore. So that may partially explain how "light" you think tOSU is getting off. The 2 game suspension, however is from tOSU; not the NCAA. Its quite possible that he'll get more from them.

surrounded in columbus said...

this just keeps getting more odd.


this guy is a piece of work- just ask the judge referenced in the story

Todd not Boeckman said...

I am beginning to think that things are not as they seem. First, let me say that I don't know everything about NCAA regs. (who does)

But I am still wondering about the point in the pres conf when the Y! reporter asked Tressel if he forwarded the e-mails and he said yes at which point Gene Smith in a panicked way cut him off and said we can't answer that.

What if Tressel did forward the e-mails to the compliance dept and they screwed up. (This is where my expertise on penalties goes bye-bye) The problems that stem from that could be more significant and Tressel is just falling on his sword to protect the athletic department.

Because, honestly, rivalries aside. I have met the man more than once and I know people that have worked with and for him. This whole thing stinks and doesn't make sense. IOW my spider sense is tingling big time.