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Thursday, March 10, 2011

MZone Word of the Day: Tresselness

Truthiness (noun)- a "truth" that a person claims to know intuitively "from the gut" without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or facts.

If you're a fan of The Colbert Report, you're probably familiar with the word above which was popularized by the Comedy Central show.

Well, in the wake of Tresselgate, we here at the MZone would like to introduce our own Word of the Day:


1. Not admitting you're wrong even after you've been caught
2. Feigning ignorance regarding well-established rules you should be fully aware of in your position
3. Misleading those trying to get to the bottom of a scandal

(see also Nixonian)


phil said...

Is it wrong of me to laugh along with my MZone brethren as I am loving watching this continuing tUOS horror movie evolve?


Mikoyan said...

At one time they were talking about Tressel for Senator....given recent events, I would say that he is ready....

gh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gh said...

While I know the MZone staff is working overtime on this Tressel issue, can some of us long time MZone readers expect some good skewering of Harbaugh for his 2007 comments about UM and thier approach to 'student' athletes now that this has come out?


I know this blog started feeling a lot more love for JH last year, but in retrospect, he used UM as a punching bag to falsely claim holier-than-thou status to build his program at Stanford, and then used the hype as a coaching candidate at UM to get a bidding war going for him in the pros. The more I think about it, I think Mike Hart had him pegged right.

Yost said...

gh, good points all (including our own hypocrisy on his "candidacy.")

Once Tresselmania dies down, must get on that.

Hemlock Philosopher said...

And Yost thought we'd have a quiet off-season. I'm Lovin' It like a fat kid loves McD's.

Another awesome thing is that I'm moving to St. Pete and kissing this cesspool south of Michigan goodbye!

Yost said...

Phil, love the clip.

Yost said...

Yeah, HP, so much for sleep. I'm back to an October-like bleariness on the work front each morning.

Thank you, Jim Tressel!

surrounded in columbus said...

the link to the Ozone's break down of the emails was very interesting.

when you go back & read those, look over Sweaterboy's record, and take a moment to reflect, you realize that he really has no grip on his players' off the field. as Ozone points out, his response emails clearly show he's looking for a way to get "collateral" on some of these guys to reign them in.

the only real control a coach (or boss, in the "real" world) has over someone is ultimately taking away their position. if you don't follow the rules? i'll throw you off the team.

but Sweaterboy has shown time & again that he's not going to do that, is he? if there's one clear message out of tosu the last decade, it's that if you're a star, you have to commit a felony to get thrown off the team. and when the players know that? they know they can get away w/ anything this side of prison (or in E. Lansing, even prison?).

what this whole incident reveals is that the Senator, man of discipline & integrity, isn't really running this team (at least not outside the yard lines). the players are doing what they like, and he doesn't how to make them listen (even if he is still "pounding on them").

he's all vest and no starch in the shirt.

phil said...

The fallout from all the lying is starting to cause problems in Columbus. Bob Evans Restaurants has announced they are leaving Columbus. Columbus officials upset at loss, having offered incentives to keep Bob Evans operation within the city.
Our undercover reporters have learned that Columbus offered Bob Evans some gold pants jewelry, autographed footballs, free tattoos, and autographed copies of Tressel's new book, "It Takes Less Time to Lie and Cover it up Then to Tell the Truth"
(I can't say any of this is true but who in Columbus cares if I'm lying anyway?)

Tom C said...

Never thought I'd say this but......Damn sru, I hate it for you.

Ramona said...

NOW can we see some sort of Photoshop with Tressel's head on the congressman's chest?? Damn, if I knew how to photoshop I'd do it myself!! maybe Tressel sending the cell pic to Craigslist trying to help his players sell the stuff??